Menu Monday!

Happy Monday! It's menu day here on the blog. This week my week is looking pretty mellow and I hope to get not only my meals made but a batch of chicken stock and feta cheese started. And maybe a new batch of fermented veggies. With the upcoming rainy forecast for the week I'm thinking I'll be spending my time inside.

Now for the meals I have planned for the week..

Chicken tacos
Chicken breasts, salsa, cream cheese all tossed into a crockpot and cooked until the chicken shreds. Fill up taco shells or tortillas and all the trimmings. Yum!

Meatloaf is a favorite around here. I think I'll serve this with some potato salad and green beans. I think of this combo as delicious comfort food.

Fried cabbage and onions with sausage
Or I could use kielbasa or chicken with this. Depends on what I end up finding on sale when I shop for the week. Dinner rolls or biscuits and a salad will be go along with this meal.

Ham & Cheese Bread, tomato soup
This is a variation from my pepperoni bread recipe. I'll use ham and cheese instead. I have some tomato soup base that I canned up last summer and plan to use that to go with the bread. And of course I like to add fresh veggies to most meals so a green salad or a veggie platter will also be on the menu.



  1. It's great to see a hearty, but simple, menu. Still, when you do your chicken tacos in the slow cooker, do you put the cream cheese at the beginning or toward the end?

    1. Hi Yesenia, I put a block of cream cheese in at the beginning..


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