Bone Broth to the Rescue

 My son was sick on Sunday. He felt horrible. Running a fever, achy muscles, stuffed nose, cough.. all clear signs of the flu.

I jumped into action :). I got some bone broth out that I had in the fridge, peeled a few large cloves of garlic and cut up some of the chicken I had from making the broth.

I chopped up the garlic, heated some water up and poured that over the garlic to let is soften up. Then added some bone broth (it's pretty concentrated so it needs the extra water added). I added the chicken and at last minute threw in a big scoop of my homemade cream cheese (for the probiotics).

He drank that down and said he was feeling a bit better. His nose and head were cleared up a bit more. On Monday he stayed home from work because he still did not feel great. That afternoon I made him another big cup of the same mix. After that he slept for about 3 hours and woke up and said he had sweated up a storm and felt so much better. Yesterday was day 3 of this and he headed back to work. Still has a bit of a cough and runny nose but feels so much better.

Was it the bone broth? I would like to think it certainly helped! A 3 day flu? I'm sold.. ha, ha..



  1. Dear Crystal,
    God bless you for giving your son chicken broth; of course it helped. Chicken soup is medicinal; our grandmothers and mothers knew that.



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