Garden Update

I'm excited to have been able to plant my cabbages and get a little bit of lettuce started in my garden. Of course the day after I planted the weather report says a hail storm is coming. My hubby and I ran down to the garden as things were looking bad and put some gutter pieces over the cabbages to try and save them. As it turned out the hail never came and all was fine. They are doing great now.

Oh how we loved the dry warm sunny days! Hubby got lots of property work done and even took the first swim of the season..

And as I mentioned the cabbages were planted...

I have a little box that hubby made me in his shop to start my seeds. It is small and limited but I've made it work and was thankful for a place to start seeds. I recently asked if there was a way to expand what I had just a little to allow more room when I transplant my seeds. Just like that he made a few quick adjustments and doubled my space. I'm so excited. I now can fit 4 trays instead of 2...

In the above pic I have hot peppers, tomatoes, zinnias and watermelons growing. After a quick visit to see my in laws last week my mother in law gave me a whole tray of seed starts that she had planted and did not have room for. I was thrilled!! That added more tomatoes and more cabbages. I hope to have the cabbages in the garden next week and then most everything needs to be transplanted into bigger pots.

How's your garden coming along this year?



  1. Wow! Did you make that swimming hole area? I am in love with it and the steps just make it so beautiful. I would love to see more on that because to me that is so much prettier than a cement pool, very natural looking.

  2. Hi Taylor, the pond is a fresh water spring fed pond and was here when we purchased the property. My husband put the stairs in many years ago.


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