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I am feeling a bit of shock to know that there is less than week before Christmas!  I am almost ready..  seems to happen to me every year.  I think.. this year I will do all my shopping early, be prepared and ready to go come December.. and for whatever reason it never happens entirely.  I do usually start buying gifts in October so that does help some.. but when I get right down to the wire I still have lots of gaps to fill and things to do.… more details.. I just keep making lists    

For Christmas dinner we are having a Turkey dinner.  Richard was in the Philippines over Thanksgiving and Lolot has never had turkey so it seemed like the meal to make.  I will make up the meal and serve it on Christmas Eve.  I like Christmas day to be easy and not hectic with a lot of cooking.   

The wedding plans are coming right along. Since it will be a small wedding with little time for planning we are focusing on just a few things to make it special.  Lolot has a beautiful wedding dress and I just ordered the bridesmaid dresses.  The wedding invitations are going out today, I believe.  There are always so many details in planning a wedding, even a small one.  You want it nice, and you want it special..  and that means details.  We are also praying about the weather.  We live in an area where the roads can get nasty this time of year, so we are praying that the weather cooperates for those traveling to the wedding.  I have three weeks left to help them pull it all together!!   

Yesterday Emily and I drove to Eugene Oregon so she could take a Dante test at the University of Oregon.  This was the nearest college we could find that administers the test.  It was six total hours of driving and one hour of testing…  She took her World Religions test and passed!!  She gained 3 credits and is now a total of 6 credits into her senior year..  we are seeing the end in sight!  She has 24 credits left to go.. then she will have her bachelors degree in accounting..  she is doing a super job!  She starts up her online courses again in January.  She has one more Dante to take and a few TCEP tests as well as 3 more courses.  She took a little break for the month of November but is now back to the books again!  We are very proud of all her accomplishments.  Can’t say enough good things about College Plus!   

Christmas Baking: I actually have not done much of it.  I think this week I will try and find some time to bake a few batches of cookies.  I have baked some pies lately.  I find pies so easy to do.. I have my pie crust recipe that makes four crusts.  They keep for a couple weeks in the fridge or longer in the freezer.  I usually just plan on using them up within a few days.  This time I made two Chocolate Cream Pies.. those were sooo easy and so yummy.   With the other two crusts I made apple pie.  With a house full of hungry people.. none of the pies last long…. Which is fine with me.  Besides my lack of time to do Christmas baking, I really don’t want to deal with the temptation of all those goodies around either! LOL..  I have no desire to head into the new year with extra pounds to lose.. due to holiday excesses.   But a few cookies and maybe another pie or two for our Christmas dinner would be good.   

My time lately has also been filled with keeping all the hungry tummies in the house filled and content, keeping the kids focused on school (however our Christmas break begins on Monday, yea!!), and keeping the house clean, organized, laundry done and all that is involved in keeping the wheels turning on my homestead.  Sorry for the pause in blogging.. that is what happens when life takes front and center! LOL..  I have little time to be on the computer..  I will be back to blogging regularly soon..  I just know it!   

Have a great weekend on your homesteads! 


  1. I've missed reading about life on your homestead, but understand that you are very busy with many things on your plates. Thanks for sharing in this post. May you all be blessed with a very Merry Christmas.



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