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Finally I have a few minutes to do a little blogging.  Life has been very full and busy lately.  On the 23rd of November we celebrated my daughter Sierra’s 14th birthday.  She requested Pumpkin Cheesecake (she loves anything pumpkin!)  She was actually born on Thanksgiving Day and that has made her birth all the more memorable!  This year however she got her own day to celebrate…


Then it was a simple and quiet Thanksgiving Day for us due to the fact that we were all planning, working and waiting for the big moment in our lives..  when Richard and Lolot came home!! 

They arrived home on Monday (Nov. 30th) after 18 hours of flight time and having been up for 24 hours. They spent the first few days recovering and adjusting to the time change and dealing with jet lag.  

 It was wonderful to see Richard and to finally meet the love of his life, Lolot (this is her nickname, her name is Doneza).  We all really have fallen in love with her.  She is so sweet and so kind.  I could not be happier for son.    It has been so good to see them both happy and excited about their future.  We have been spending a lot of time on wedding plans!  We don’t have a lot of time so we are working on the basics of what is important to them both.   

Lolot has also been sharing lots of pictures of her family with us.  That has been nice to see them and get to know them as she shares about their lives.  Family means a lot to her and I know she feels a bit of sadness to leave them but also excitement to be here.   

Here are a few pictures to share… 


She showed us how she cuts up a pineapple..  very impressive!!

And she cooked Chicken Adobo for dinner for us too..  Incredibly yummy!!!  She could not find some of the ingredients she was familiar with.  Richard searched around and has now found her a Philippine grocery store so she can purchase the ingredients she is more familiar with. 


I can’t wait for more cooking lessons!  It has been a fantastic opportunity to learn all about a new culture and food.   

I will be back soon to post some pics of Leanne’s bedroom..  it turned out great and we got it all painted and got her moved back into her room.. and Emily out of her room and into Leanne’s room so we could give Em’s room to Lolot.  We wanted to her to have her own place. I figured she was dealing with enough changes in her life and would appreciate a little space of her own as she adjusted to our family.   I was very thankful to have it all come together in time..   Thanks for sharing in our excitement!   

Hope you all have a great Friday on your homesteads!


  1. You have to show me how to cut a pineapple like that! Looks like she fits in perfectly with your family.


  2. How wonderful! We are a military family and have lots of Philippino friends. Love the food. We like it so much that we now almost eat more rice and rice dishes than bread. Have fun! There is a lot to learn from her.

  3. I would love to know how she cut that pinapple as well! It looked very nice!!!


  4. Richard's smile says it all, he and his lady look extremely happy. Thanks for sharing their photos.

    HB Sierra! the pumpkin cheescake looks yummy.

    With her turning 14 it seems you and Tobin have children leaving the nest one by one.

    BUT, looking at all of you around the table, they do return from time to time, huh?

    What a wonderful picture of how fellowship within families can be.

    Thank you for sharing.


  5. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this! We had a friend who made this for us a few times, we've lost contact with him and I couldn't remember the name of the dish! I'm so thrilled, I am planning on making it this week! Cool way to cut the pineapple too! Merry Christmas!

  6. I am so excited for you and your family. They look so sweet together!

  7. Could you please, please, PLEASE post a video of her cutting up the pineapple? That is AMAZING and the most beautiful cut up pineapple I have ever seen. PLEASE! I want to amaze friend and family and do this to entertain at parties :)

    Excited for your family and so nice to see you welcome the love birds, it is horrible when Mothers are rude and mean to the women who will become the Mothers of their grandchildren....

    Many Blessings :)


  8. Look it up on youtude. There are several videos out there that do it just like that...and easy too! :)


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