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This week has been busy! Hubby survived his surgery and is being a fairly good patient..  the soft food thing is getting to him.  But he is healing and still has more work to be done.  The cleaning and organizing continues.  The upstairs is done now!  I have my bedroom to tackle and then I am done!  Yea! 

The most exciting news is from my son.  His fiancée Doneza has had her VISA approved!  They will be spending the month of November with her family and then the two of them will be flying home the beginning of December.  Then it will be the holidays and planning a wedding!  We are so excited!!  

My daughter Hannah and granddaughter Elizabeth both are recovering from the swine flu.  But according to Hannah.. it is not as bad as the media is making it out to be.  Which does not surprise me because I think the whole swine flu thing is a lot of hype and you could not PAY me to get vaccinated for it.  Same with Hannah.. she is like me.. a non vax mom..  I think the media and the government would like us to believe this is a horrible thing.. but honestly.. it has been the asian flu, the avian flu, mad cow, etc.. and really.. what is driving this?  Not the facts that is for sure.. ok.. another soap box for me..  (I guess I am on a soap box roll lately..  )

Now as we move into November I am thinking about Thanksgiving and preparing for that.  Unfortunately it looks like hubby may have to work the holiday and we will be celebrating it a day early.  No big deal really except that he wanted a long weekend..   

Plus I am on call for jury duty (AGAIN) for the month of November.  They say jury selection in our county is random .. but.. I don’t believe it for a minute.. in 14 years I have been called 5 times.. my friend who has lived here in this area for 25 years has never been called..  well I just hope I can get through it so I can focus on all the busyness of this time of year. 

Now.. random questions answered…

Shelly asked me if kids doing College Plus can stay on their parents insurance.  College Plus will send a letter to you (on request) that you can send to your insurance company explaining they are doing full time college.  This has worked for our daughter. 

An Anonymous commenter asked who my favorite authors are.  When I posted about my daily schedule I mentioned I love reading fiction..  Well here are a few of my favorite authors (Just to let you know.. my main reading passion is mysteries and crime solving type fiction).. 

Agatha Christie (the all time top author of murder mysteries.. I have read tons of her books and love them all)

Jill Churchill..  My daughter Hannah said her books remind her of Hardy Boys for grown ups..  I agree.. her books are really fun books to read!   She has a series called the Jane Jeffery Mysteries and I have read and enjoyed lots of her books.. just plain entertaining reads… 

Janet Evanovich..  more fun reading.  I love her Stephanie Plum series.. oh man..  I don’t think I have laughed so hard with a book series..  but be forewarned.. there is a lot of swearing in the books.. if you can deal with that and you like mysteries you will love her books.

James Patterson.. very serious crime solving type books.  They are suspensful and will keep you turning pages until the crime is solved! 

Patricia Cornwell ….  I love her Kay Scarpetta novels!!!..  they are intense.. very suspenseful.   They are all focused on the forensic side of solving crime..  this really fascinates me.  But they are graphic so be forewarned.. 

I have read many more.. but that is a list of a few of my favorites.

I had a few questions on homeschooling and curriculum and will answer those in a future blog post. 

That is all from the homestead for now!  Hope you all have a great weekend.. 


  1. I agree with you on the swine flu. Our amily is dealing with it right now. You are only sick for 3 or 4 days. Advil does a world of good!!

  2. Very nice blog and website! I am really enjoying it. As a health care provider, I would like to comment on the swine flu. I, too was against the vaccine, until I really thought about it. Perhaps I would get the flu and recover just fine. Unfortunately, all of those who might catch it from me might not. H1N1 has already killed more children than seasonal flu does. I would never forgive myself it I gave to a child who then died from it. I got the vaccine and I am glad I did. Not for me, but for those who will be protected from me.



  3. Swine Flu is basically Influenza A, and of course with any illness it attacks each person differently and depending on how healthy you are to begin with will determine how badly you are down with it. If you have pre existing health problems, they are encouraging people to get the shot.

    I am with you though Crystal. My family is not getting the shot and we are being very careful and extra cautious.

    I had the Flu A last year and it was awful. I had to have a steroid shot, some antibitocs, and some over the counter drugs. I was weak for about a week or so after all the symptoms were gone and slept alot.

    Congrats on your son and soon to be daughter in law. That is wonderful. And to have them home for the holidays??? GREAT!!

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  4. I LOVE Patricia Cornwell novels! She is a great writer but also because it is based in Richmond, VA where I live.

  5. Crystal,

    Your table looks great and the advice about advanced food preparation will come in handy soon, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing about the get together and about College Plus.


    Lynne in NC

  6. I hope your husband will feel better. I send you all many good prayers. Take care


  7. As always enjoying your blog and agree with you again! We have dear friends who are an MD and nurse. They both also agree with you and much to my surprise our pharmacist was also uncomfortable with it!! We've known lots of people who have had it and they all say the same thing, it's a mild flu. Too many question marks for my comfort to be sure. Thank you SO much for keeping us informed on College Plus as I'm still working towards that with my daughter...and she would qualify to come to your get-together!

  8. We've had a rough year (a deployment, a move, another move, another move, a baby, and one more move) and I really needed something brainless and entertaining to read. My dearest friend and college roomie, recommended Janet Evanovich. I blanched at first, thinking they were "girl books" (you know... lipstick, dating, and career issues...). I'm so glad I tried them. Just what I wanted. I recommended them to my sister and another good friend after warning them about the swearing. Thanks for the other recommendations! I'm going to look into them.

  9. Hi Crystal,

    Long time reader here. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the Salmon Chowder recipe. I made it (this is a big deal for me with three littles and almost no experience with cooking) and it was DELISH! I had to substitute soy milk for the milk because we can't do dairy but it still worked.

    I froze our leftovers and hope they freeze ok.

    Thanks again for the help!

    Many Blessings :)



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