Excitment on our Homestead

There was lots of excitement in my household this week.  My son Sgt.
Richard Miller finished his military time (5 years) and returned home to us on Thursday evening.  He is now out of the Army and heading into a new future.  Richard picked up his brother Jacob in Washington DC and together they began their cross country trip.  The first stop was to see their Auntie Debbie and cousins in Illinois.  They both said they had a great time there visiting with everyone.  They left Illinois and headed home.  They were here in Washington State 3 days later.  There were lots of hugs and excitement when they arrived.   

After all the hugs and excitement the first thing my son wanted was to chow down on some of mom’s homemade lasagna and French bread!   

Richard’s future plans include college and marriage.  He is marrying a very sweet and beautiful young lady.  Here is a picture of the two of them…


We are thrilled to have our son close to home again and excited right along with him for what the future holds for them! 



  1. Crystal,

    I am so happy for you and your family with the return of Richard. I am sure you are so thrilled to have him home.

    Tell him Thank you for his service in protecting our great country. I truly appreciate it as do my family & friends.

    Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  2. I am so happy for your family! I hope they have a blessed life together. I'm glad that he came home safe and sound to you. What a blessing!

  3. I am so happy for you and your family!

    God bless,


  4. WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!

  5. So glad that Richard made it home safe!!!! Sounds like the brothers had a fun trip. I bet you are so happy to have him home. Thank him for serving our country. I pray daily for our soldiers. Also thank you for sending your son out. I know that had to be hard.......my boys are 10, and 8 and right now I dont know if I could.....Thank you so much!

  6. oh how wonderful! welcome home!

    **OWL MOMMA**


  7. Welcome Home Richard! Thank you for your time serving our country. May God bless you with your future college endeavors and in your upcoming marriage!

    Charlotte in WV

  8. That is wonderful news that he his home safe and sound. I am just starting that journey with my oldest son. I am flying down to see him graduate from the Air Force in November.

  9. Glad to hear your son is safely home! Please thank him for his service and congrats on his engagement--they make a good looking couple!




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