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I have had a few people ask about my schedule.  Sooo.. I thought I would share.  I must say a few things first..  One, I don’t have really young kids to teach anymore so my homeschool demands are not what they use to be. My three in school are 15, 13 and 11.  Also my daughter Leanne is 18 and working on her college degree from home, but she also helps me with the homeschooling. So she handles some of the paper correcting and helps with some subjects. Tobin also helps with the schooling.  He handles the math with the kids and has done this for years now.   I am also not a person who requires a ton of sleep.  I sleep 6 maybe 7 hours a night, typically.   So here is what it looks like..  

I get up somewhere between 4:30 and 5:00am..   I have some quiet time, make my coffee, and do most of my web work, check in with my message board, writing, make blog posts, pack orders from my country store, make soap if I need to, etc..  every day seems to be a little different depending on what needs to be done. I also start breakfast for the family if it is going to be something other than granola or muffins from the freezer and fruit.  

At 7:45 my hubby comes home from work (he works nights, 10 hour shifts, 4 nights a week.. he is gone 11 to 12 hours each day).. at that point I get him something to eat and spend some time with him talking about his day and such before he heads to bed.  

8:00 – the kids get up, spend a little time with dad, and start their day: breakfast, household chores, animal chores, clean up the kitchen from breakfast, make sure their room is in order.   

Between 9:00 and 9:30am the kids start school.  I help them get started, if they need me (usually it is just my youngest Isaac who needs the assistance). Then it is time to work in the kitchen.  I get any dinner preps started, baking, or whatever else needs to be done in the kitchen.  I start laundry, and look at my to-do list and see what needs attending to and work on that. 

12:00 is lunch.  Usually my kids heat up leftovers or make sandwiches.   

1:00 they are back at school work and I check in with my message board, check on emails, and do any other web stuff that needs done, help the kids with their school work, correct school work and go over anything with them as needed.  If I am not needed (or when I am done working with them) then I may work on projects like sewing or crocheting or I work on the things that need more time.. lately it has been cleaning, organizing.   

3:00 school is done and it is time get dinner together, move laundry through, pick up the house and hubby gets up around 4:00 and he spends time with the family until he leaves for work.   

5:00 to 6:00 is dinner and packing hubby’s lunch.  Because he is gone for so many hours I pack him a pretty big lunch.  It includes 2 sandwiches, potato chips (somewhat healthy Kettle chips ), the main course of our dinner, salad, nuts, fruit, lemonade, and dessert.   

7:00 he leaves for work, the kids and I clean up the kitchen and finish up any undone chores like laundry or animal chores.  Then I spend some time on the computer with my message board or emails, or facebook, or whatever.  I spend time with my kids.. chatting, visiting and relaxing a bit.  If I have any projects I am working on like sewing or crocheting I may do at this time.   

Between 9:00  and 10:00 – I love to read and I read a lot of books..  I have my non fiction type books that I enjoy at times but my main reading passion is fiction.. I love mysteries and crime solving type books..  I have several favorite authors and seem to always have a book in progress..  so about this time it is time for me to head to bed and read my latest novel.  Kids also head to bed. I make sure the youngest are in bed, the oldest have their own schedules that they keep track of.   

Somewhere between 10:00 and 11:00 – lights out for me.. bed time.. unless I only have a few more pages of my book to read .. LOL..   

Hubby has 3 day weekends (but not on the “weekend” his days off are through the week, by choice.. he likes working the actual weekend), so the above schedule is just an overview of the basic idea because when hubby is home...  many things change..   my schedule does not look so neat and orderly.. LOL..  Him and I have a weekly date most weeks, we head to town, get coffee at Starbucks, sit and visit and catch up with each others week, run errands and just basically spend some one on one time.  I pretty much roll with the flow of his weekends (the actual week).. I like to be available to do whatever he wants to do and most times that is just him working on home projects and spending time helping the younger kids with their math, me doing my regular tasks and kids working on their school work.. but he can suggest that we do something together or that we work on some project around that house.. so I just drop the whole schedule and I pick it back up the next day..  We just move our schedule around and help him with whatever may be needed, after all my (the kids and I) schedule is the one that is flexible his is not.. so I don’t stress over stuff like this.  As long as I can keep up reasonably on the house, the kids can get the school work in and we can eat some healthy food (or at least pull something healthy out of the freezer to eat on the crazy days).. I am a happy homemaker (and wife and mama)..   




  1. as always - love it!

    thanks for sharing Crystal

    love cath

  2. Nice schedule! You seem to be very organized!

    What a blessing for you and the family!



  3. I may have asked this before, but what is your daughter doing for college at home??



  4. Thank you for posting your schedule. I have often wondered how you stayed on track with your day and maintained a healthy and upbeat attitude.

    You are one fabulous Titus 2 woman.


    Lynne in NC


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