Fall Cleaning and Organizing



I have been in a cleaning and organizing mood lately. It seems to happen every fall. The weather changes and the focus is no longer the outside, the garden, staying cool.. but I start thinking about fall décor, pumpkin spice candles burning, baking and cooking.. that is when I suddenly notice how neglected my house has been through the summer. Of course knowing I have 10 to 15 College Plus students coming to my home in a couple of weeks for a CP gathering may have also given me some added inspiration!  LOL..


Currently I have attacked my dining room/sunroom and hallway.. that also included a lot of my supplies for my soap making and packing and shipping supplies. I got them organized and moved around, dusted and cleaned off shelves, vacuumed in corners and ceilings, mopped floors, etc..   Now those areas are just clean and fresh feeling and look so much nicer. Today Emily and I are going to tackle the living room. It is in need and I am looking forward to that fresh clean feel in that room.. Then comes my reward.. I will light up a couple of candles, put out a few fall decorations, and make a pot of tea… then sit back and view my clean home! 


  1. I have been doing some of the same. Truth is, I really don't like cleaning or organizing but the results are nice.

  2. Sounds like everyone is in the same cleaning mood...such a good feeling isn't it?

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Enjoy your organizing!

  4. I agree; what is it about fall that makes you want to nest? :) Last night I got out the oil that I'm supposed to use on cutting boards, the wooden handles of knives, etc., and had a grand time shining up all the wood in my kitchen. Today I pulled out a half-finished quilt and started working on it today. I wanted to let you know, I made homemade pizza today and used your pizza sauce recipe. It was yummy! Thanks :) Lynn@www.queenofthecastlerecipes.com

  5. It must be something in the air. This past week, I washed all the comforters, all the pillows (14 of them for our family of 5, lol) and have been cleaning corners and closets. The only thing left is the garage!

    Enjoy your reward!!!

    OWL MOMMA @ littlehouseinthebigworld.blogspot.com


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