What a Difference a Week Makes

I am just loving my little garden!  It has only been one week (and a couple days) since we planted it but already I have little plants growing.  Why should this surprise me?  I don’t know but it always does..  Seeing the wonders of God always has me in awe.   

Here are a few pics of the garden.  I was standing in the back for this one.  If you look closely you can see the green sprouts coming up…. 


This one is from the front of the garden looking back..  We put the tomato cages on Sunday afternoon.. 


In one week here is what my beans are looking like..


And my corn…


Today I need to weed..  again..    and mulch.. 






  1. Blooming gardens are a sight to behold indeed! Our corn is over 5ft. now and we just finished off the broccoli and are working on a second picking of green beans.

    Enjoy yours!

    GOD is so good!

    Amanda <><

    Matthew 6:33

  2. My okra, peas and onions are emerging finally after two weeks... but just barely! Enjoy your garden~



  3. Your garden is wonderful.

    I looked at your homemaking binder and it is so well done!

    Your blog and webpage are loaded with info. I plan to spend some time here!!!



  4. What a wonderfull garden! You are right, God has made so many wonderous and beautiful things. Gardens remind me of the fact as well. May God bless your garden and grant you a bountiful and healthful harvest.

  5. Your garden looks great! I'm also growing my own garden. I should have my photos up tonight



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