An Afternoon in the Kitchen


Yesterday I had a wonderfully unscheduled afternoon and decided to spend that time in the kitchen.  It was productive and enjoyable as well!   

I started off by making 6 loaves of bread.  We were completely out of bread and were in crisis mode! LOL.. 


Then while the bread was rising and baking I started working on making a gallon jar of sauerkraut.  I used one green cabbage and half of a red cabbage and 2 onions.  I thought the addition of red cabbage sure made the kraut look pretty. 

Then while the kraut sat in the bowl with the salt and whey I began making a gallon of salsa.  I love utilizing all these fresh veggies and knowing that fermenting means they will last longer and have more vitamin content than if I did not ferment them.  The salsa looked great too.  Here is a pic of both….


For dinner we were going to grill hamburgers and hot dogs.  So after the bread, salsa, and kraut were done I made up a batch of my oat dinner rolls and turned them into 10 hamburger buns and 12 hot dog buns.


Finally Leanne made shortcake, Sierra sliced up the berries and we had strawberry shortcake for our dessert…


Working in the kitchen and making good quality food for my family is very rewarding..  now today.. it is on to laundry and chores!!   


  1. Mmm, everything looks soooo good, Crystal!

    I'm going to make some strawberry shortcake today, too.


  2. My mouth is watering and I am drooling on the keyboard Crystal! LOL Everything looks yummy, but esp that strawberry shortcake. OH MY!

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  3. Looks like you had fun.

    I make the sauerkraut from NT all the time. Actually, I've made it since before discovering NT -- it is the style they make in El Salvador where DH is from. My mother-in-law taught me to make it years ago - I was happy when I saw it in NT.

    Question for you though - have you used the red cabbage in it before? Funny thing is I made red cabbage for dinner last night (last one from the garden) and my hubby says to me I wonder if you could use it in cortido (what they call it in E.S.) My mother-in-law puts beets and radishes in her's as well sometimes - but we weren't sure about the red cabbage and then today here you are. Isn't it great how these things happen.


  4. the bread looks way amazing, the fremented goods look good enough to eat right out of the jar(seriously!) and those hot dog/hamburger buns make me drool..... I need a snack:)

  5. This sounds like a terrific afternoon. When it cools down, I'd like to do something similar. I still make your wheat bread. My husband bought your cd for me years ago.

    Harvest Lane Cottage


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