Saturday on the Homestead


Today has been a fairly quiet day.  The weather turned cool and wet so I have had a break from watering and weeding the garden.  I am sure the next dry day I can get in the garden I am going to find that the weeds have grown twice as fast as the veggies! LOL..  I also need to get the unplanted area rototilled this next week.   

I was able to check several things off my to-do list today.  I packed orders, paid a bill online, started a batch of beef stock, caught up on my Quicken, made dinner and packed hubby’s lunch and got him out the door to work, did some laundry, and did a little writing.  Emily and Leanne were working today so it was just me and the younger kids.  I had them clean their rooms; they were a bit of a mess to say the least.  Now I am getting a little computer time and listening to Tim McGraw.   

Emily had mid-terms this week from her online college courses.  She had the tests proctored by the library so it was very convenient. But it was a bit of a stressful week for her and for mom too..  it always seems when my kids stress so do I!    

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and we are making chocolate ice cream and some oatmeal cookies for dad.. he will like that  .    Dinner will be chicken alfredo and a salad and maybe some dinner rolls.   

Now it is time to look to my week ahead and see what needs to be done.  The kids have their year end homeschool testing (CAT testing, officially).   Sierra is the only one left with school work to finish up but she should be done soon.  Jacob is glad to be done with his school work because he has several summer jobs lined up with the neighbors.  They appreciate a young man who knows how to work to help them with chores around their homesteads and he appreciates being able to make some money  

Tobin will be finishing up with Emily’s car maintenance this week; he is going to be replacing something that has to do with the steering.  He has replaced shocks, struts, brakes, and more (not being a mechanic myself I can’t remember all he has done.. but it has been a lot!).  The car should be set for another several thousand miles. Then he needs to work on his Jetta.  We still have wood to get in and house projects that need to be done so he is feeling a bit stressed by all that needs to be done before the summer is over.. and it just officially is starting!  

Well that is all from my homestead.  Hope you having a great weekend on your homesteads.. 



  1. Happy weekend!

  2. Hi there Crystal!

    Nice 2 know u all are well.....:)

    I just wanted 2 thank you from my heart, for all the awesome things/teachings on your homestead website ...I am learning a lot! And the way u put things speaks to my heart and mind. And that Godis the one to help you! :)

    Thank you & love :

    Maritza Oppermann

    South Africa


  3. Hi Crystal, I made your strawberry ice cream for Fathers Day/hubbys birthday and everyone LOVED it! Can you tell us how to alter the recipe to make chocolate - hubby's favorite. What do you use for the chocolate flavor? Thanks!


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