Strawberry Ice Cream



Strawberry season is in full swing here in the PNW.  I have been buying them every week now and the kids eat them as fast as I buy them!    I have been making a lot of strawberry shortcake.  But the other day a friend of mine was making ice cream and that gave me some inspiration to make some for my family.  I remembered that one of the treats we love is strawberry ice cream and that was something I had not made yet during this wonderful strawberry season.  I made some on Tuesday.  It was delicious!  I pureed the strawberries and found that it was more enjoyable to eat than when I have just chopped them up. 


If you would like my recipe and detailed instructions on making ice cream you can find that here:

I have a pretty basic 4qt ice cream maker made by Rival.  I have had it now for several years and made a whole lot of ice cream with it.  This basically is the ice cream maker I have (my bucket is round, an older model I guess! ):     

Rival 8804-BL 4-Quart Oval Ice Cream Bucket, Blue

They are not very expensive and will give a family a lot of gallons of delicious ice cream and a lot of fun making it as well!!     

Now onto chocolate ice cream this weekend..  I will keep you posted on that one too… 



  1. Thanks for the reminder about how yummy homemade ice cream is!!! We have MORE than enough goats milk to use and plenty of eggs too...always looking for another way to use some of our fresh milk and eggs....this will be a wonderful treat! It's on my list for this next week, or Father's Day may be a good day! :-) I LOVE your blog and enjoy reading EVERY entry. Thanks for sharing your life and homestead with us. :-) You are such a huge blessing to my quest at being a more efficient homesteader. :-)

  2. 19, 2009 at 12:10 AM

    Awww, I just got one of those for Mothers day, and I'd love to use it. But it just seems that right now (with eight people in the house) that it would be more expensive to make it myself than to buy (even buying organic ice cream). I mean a major cost difference, since I don't have a milk/egg producing animal, and I buy all organic sugar, milk, and eggs. I'm so sad, because my family LOVES ice cream, and keep begging me to make some.Plus I remember my grandma making homemade ice cream in an old churn bucket, it was sooo good!..

  3. Now that looks yummy and I'm going over to the link..How did you know I'm craving ice cream..

    Thanks for sharing..

    BLessings Sister Brenda

  4. Crystal,

    Thanks for this cost comparison. It is amazing how much one can save and the taste is so much better, too.


    Lynne in NC

  5. There's nothing like homemade ice cream! And you are right, when people do the math, it isn't expensive at all!

  6. Crystal please let us know when you post the recipe for the chocolate ice cream.We will be serving that on the 4th.Can't wait!




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