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This last week the weather has been cooler and cloudy.. with a little sun.  But despite that the garden seems to be thriving quite well.  There were enough sunny afternoons that allowed for us to get some weeding, watering and mulching done.  I have found that the stirrup hoe is my best friend!     My mother in law was the one to show me her stirrup hoe several years ago and I went out and bought one (I think I bought it at Home Depot).  It makes quick and efficient work of hoeing between the garden rows.  If you are not familiar with them you can see a pic of one here: http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1334167&CAWELAID=109366885  and read a little more about them here: http://aces.nmsu.edu/CES/yard/2005/010105.html   Here you can see Isaac using it.. 


And in the above picture you can my little plants have all come up.  The corn and green beans are doing great.  Speaking of hoes..  I accidentally hoed up half of a little section of flowers..    I was so frustrated with myself.  I had been hoeing up the weeds between the tomato plants and there was one section between the tomatoes I had planted flowers and I guess I was not thinking..  I started hoeing it!!  I will try and replant some flowers there but it might be too late..  but I will try.   

Last week I also spent one whole day in town.  I took the kids (Leanne, Sierra and Isaac) and we were gone for 7 hours, which is not unusual.  I try to limit my trips into town and when I do go I typically have a lot to take care. Sierra had her bangs cut (I think the lady could have taken off a bit more), the dentist, grocery shopping at two different stores, Walmart, Game Stop, and of course a trip to Starbucks was squeezed in there.  The kids thought it would be fun to take pics of our day along the way.  They took several but got tired of picture taking about half way through the trip..  but here are a few of us that were captured …   

Leaving (The ice chest holds everything cold for the long drive back home)

Sierra getting her bangs cut..

Isaac showing off his Strawberry Cream Frappuccino

The dentist (teeth cleaning for me and Leanne)

Smile mom…

Bagging groceries…


And the day continued…  but without the pics..    Next time they say they want to do this again.. and make a movie.. LOL..  Kids.. they are so funny!!   

We came home and I made chicken enchiladas for dinner and while they cooked we watered the garden.  I was definitely ready to put my feet up and relax by evening time.   

Hubby is back to work now (he had an extra day off this last week which was so nice) and it is back to the regular routine for us..  Today the plan is to do a quick run through the daily chores, clean out the fridge and wipe down the shelves, do a little laundry, and water the garden if it does not rain (and right now looking outside at the dark cloudy skies it looks like we may not have to water today).  I am making navy bean soup with the leftover ham bone I saved from last week, a salad and maybe some dinner rolls or bread sticks.   

That is all from the homestead..  hope you all have a great weekend!! 


  1. have you ever heard of square foot gardening? it saves time and space. my favorite book is "square foot gardening" by Mel Bartholomew. look for the revised version.

  2. hi.. i read ur blog all the time and love it - thank u for sharing ur life with us.. i was just wondering how far u live from town?

  3. Thanks for sharing pictures of you and your family. You don't have many pictures of yourself so it was nice to see you.

  4. Kat (The Burb Blog)June 16, 2009 at 12:36 AM

    I too am a square foot gardener but I grew up with the rows!

    I love when it rains so I don't have to water!

  5. I wish it would cool off here! Looks like y'all had a nice day!




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