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Well the countdown continues!!  My son will be on leave and arriving home on Saturday!  Everyone is so excited to see him.  The painting is coming along well and should be done very soon.  And we have been enjoying some beautiful days here in the PNW.


Yesterday the temps were in the upper 80’s!  I loved it..   but I know it won’t last as those are more like July temps than May!  But what a blessing to be able to enjoy them now!  The kids and I spent the afternoon down at the pond.  Jacob with his usual creativity made a raft..  he found scrap plywood and then got all the life jackets we own and tied them with rope onto the plywood and it worked! 


Dinner last night was rib eye steaks on the grill..  yum!  We have been very happy with the cow we bought the meat has tasted delicious!  The night before we did burgers on the grill..  yum on those too!


The girls came home last night! I actually ended up going to bed before they arrived, I had been up since 4:am and was just beat..  so I will see them this morning when they wake up.  I missed them and will be happy to have them back in the house again.


Today more painting is on the plans plus laundry and organizing.  I have some things to go through in my never ending quest to keep up on stuff around here. 


Dinner for tonight will be something really good that I will figure out here soon! LOL.. I need to sit down and work on a June menu.. oh and get a June menu calendar made and put up on my site!!  I almost forgot..  if you use my calendars..  I will try and get it done and posted today! 



Here are some pics I took yesterday of the pond and the kids having fun…


Here is a pic of our pond:



Here is Jacob’s raft



And here is Jacob on his raft!



Here is Sierra and Isaac on another little raft searching for newts in the water



Isaac swinging on the rope (and then jumping out into the pond after I got the shot):




Enjoy this last day of May!




  1. How fun!! I love to see kiddo's having such a great time!!! :)



  2. What a beautiful pond! A tip for you in case you didn't know: I saw a show where a man uses Barley Hay bales in inconspicuous places in the pod and it keeps his pond water as clear as crystal. No kidding, you could see the very bottom and the water looked like it came from a faucet.

  3. What a beautiful pond. I love the irises growing along the banks. Oh my word. And the kids, and their rafts, and the rope swing.... too much fun.

    Thanks for sharing your family fun with us!


  4. Your pond is so beautiful and cozy looking! I know your family gets lots of enjoyment out of it. By the way, I absolutely love to read your blog! I finally set one up myself so I will be adding your blog to my "Friends" list for easy locating. And thanks for all your wonderful information on your website. You really help us who are desiring a homestead life but just have not arrived yet! lol

  5. Crystal,

    You know I love it when you post pictures.

    Your homestad is just wonderful and that pond...wow!! Good seeing the kids having so much fun.

    Blessings my friend,


  6. Do you have to do anything special to your pond for the kids to be able to use it? We have a small pond that doesn't have any flow to it, so it is pretty dirty and stale, it would be great if we could figure out a way for the kids to swim in it.


  7. Can I come play?????

    Boy, Jacob looks exactly like Tobin! They looked like they were all having a blast.

  8. HI!!!

    I love reading your blog and I would love to become a memeber of your forum!!! How would I go about doing that!!

  9. Hi there! I hope you have enjoyed your son!! I love the pics of the pond fun. =) Very green, lush and pretty area!!



  10. ummmmmmm...I am jealous! Of the pond, and the fact that you are down to 5 goats, instead of my 15 or 16. eek.

    We NEED to get together before it gets too hot and before my other African children come home and I get too busy.


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