Good Morning!


Well the painting project has started..  well at least the prep for it.  Tobin had the boys working to wash walls and he is scraping layers of paint off the doors and has one door painted.  We tried a new color for the doors and really like it.  It is an off white/tan color.  We only bought a quart of it to see what we think.. Last night we both agreed it looked very warm and nice.  We have some wainscoting that goes up the stairs and a banister up stairs around the stair way.. all that (and the bedroom doors) will be painted this color and the rest will be white .. which is our standard color.  We both don’t really like a lot of color on the walls but after all our years of white we decided it was time for a little color.


Someone emailed me about paint..  you know I am not the paint expert in our home.  Tobin has always done all the painting up until a few years ago.  I painted our main floor hallway and then did the bathroom and then some of the bedrooms and enjoyed it quite a bit.  I was asked about what paint to use for fingerprints and such..  well I am probably not the person to ask..  Usually it is recommended to do semi-gloss..  but I don’t like shiny walls..  you may want to try satin. I use flat and tend to just repaint!


On brands of paint..  We have always used the brand Miller Paints and I think it may be a local brand, I am not sure.  I once tried Behr paint and found it to be much thinner than Miller Paint and did not like the way it covered..  We thought about using a brand called Parker Paint (again I do believe it is local) but found out it is made by Miller Paint.. so we are sticking with Miller (no relation by the way.. LOL…)


I have had a couple of very quiet days..  Emily and Leanne are house sitting and watching a 90+ year old lady.  I have mentioned Miss Margaret here before..  she is a nice lady but somewhat confused.  She is quite capable of caring for herself except for the forgetfulness..  so Emily is making sure she takes her meds, gets her one shot daily and helping with meals and such.  Sierra has been at a friend’s house since Friday afternoon and will be home later today.  So it has just been me and the boys..  I think they have enjoyed having mom to themselves!  Last night Isaac snuggled in bed with me and I read him a couple more chapters in Henry Huggins.. he laughs so much at Henry’s antics..  so do I.. even if I have read the book before! 


On Friday Emily and I spent 4 ½ hours cleaning floor finish off my kitchen floor.  It was a huge job!  Then yesterday I put on 5 more coats of floor finish.  Now it is looking so clean and nice.  We put commercial flooring on because we new with all the high traffic vinyl would not last..  but the floor requires more maintenance ..  Next time we redo the floor it will be Pergo! 


Hope you all have blessed Sunday!


  1. BackyardTreasuresMay 27, 2007 at 1:39 AM

    Can I ask what brand of floor finish you use? We also put commercial flooring in our kitchen because of our large family and the amount of traffic, but I'm with you...too much work. I used to buy my finish at Costco, but they stopped carrying it.


  2. I love home projects like these! I know they are difficult while in the process, but things feel so bright and new when you're done! I hope you'll share photos of your finished product. Enjoy your holiday weekend. :o)



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