Last Week On the Homestead

It seems right now that I am dealing with many things.. and life is full.  I have not had a chance to blog much lately and this afternoon my sweet sister in law, Debbie called me and said..  hey sis.. is everything ok??    Haa..  ha.. I need to blog so that my family won’t be concerned!  LOL..    Thanks for the phone call Debbie..  it was just what I needed today!!


This last week had many events but the one that stands out the most was my sweet daughter Emily’s 17th birthday.  Wow, where do the years go!  Emily is one child we always give special thanks for..  she had strep throat at 6 weeks of age and whooping cough at 8 weeks..  it was not diagnosed correctly at first and we almost lost her..  so her birthday prayer always includes a special thanks for her being here today with us.   Emily is my creative child..  her creativity does not come out with paint or other art forms but in the kitchen!  She LOVES to cook and bake and create yummy things in the kitchen and frankly we all love it too!!     She also plays the piano just beautifully..  AND the part I love the most is she just pampers her mama like you would not believe!!   She makes me Starbucks copycat coffees..  gives me foot rubs and cooks dinner on many nights of the week..  she helps me direct and manage the younger kids and this year has done a huge amount to help Sierra through her math..  so I have to give my sweet Emily some special recognition on her day (even though I am a couple of days late here on the blog!!!)..


Happy Birthday Emily!!  I love you!!



Now for those who have asked for Emily’s coffee recipes ..  all I can say is I have asked her for them.. and she said she will get them organized and ready to be posted..  maybe it will be a future feature in one of my newsletters.. 


I sold one of my bucklings this last week too!  Yea!  I am working hard to reduce the number of goats I have.  I have 4 other goats listed right now and so hoping I sell them.  I also have 2 goats spoken for and I will deliver them in a couple of weeks to a friend of mine. 


Tobin’s brother Scott and his fiancé Karmay came to visit on Saturday. They took the kids hiking to a nearby spot (it is about 5 minutes from our home) and Emily took some pics.  Some are scenery and the last one is of Scott and Karmay (and some of my kids).  They will be getting married next month and we are sooo happy for them!!  We all really love Karmay and are so happy that she is going to be a part of our family.   


Tobin rototilled the garden today.. not sure how much of a garden I will be able to get in, but a few tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce and some green beans would be plenty.. I don’t have time or energy this year for a whole lot..


Today we enjoyed some beautiful sunshine and warm weather.  The kids even went swimming.  It was nice to finally feel and see some nicer weather here..  and to think.. I did not have travel hundreds of miles to get some sun and warmth! LOL..


We also picked up our cow last week..  it was a freezer ready cow!  We bought a whole cow from a local farmer.  We added up our total amount spent.. to the farmer and to the butcher and then when we brought our meat home we weighed it to see what we ended up paying.  The totals made us very happy.  We ended up paying $3.07 per pound.. and how nice to know that the cow I have in my freezer was not fed any melamine!!!   The cow completely filled my 15 cu ft freezer and I had one grocery bag full of roasts that I put in another freezer (I have 3 freezers)…  While at the butchers we also got a line on a woman who raises pigs locally..  Tobin liked that idea..  the price was pretty comparable to what we had spent to do it ourselves..  and no work!  I actually don’t mind raising pigs..  but if we can get good quality meat for nearly the same price, I don’t mind forgoing the pig raising experience this next year. 


Now it is Monday and I have a new week(end) ahead.  Tobin now has new days off and I am really struggling trying to find our new normal.. so is he.  The days work out well for him at work, so we are just trying to figure it all out here at home.  I always plan and work my weeks and weekends around Tobin’s schedule so that we can spend the time he is home together…  we both like it that way.  But his days off are all in the middle of the week now and I have things that I need to deal with so… it makes it hard to figure out how to work this.. as much of what I have to do can’t be done over the weekend while he is at work!   So we will just continue to work to find our new normal.. I am sure it will happen soon!


Before I leave, I just have to share an updated pic of my sweet little grandbaby, Caden..  he just looks so loveable and squeezably wonderfully..  don’t you think!   



Hope you all have a great week on your homesteads!! 


PS.. I almost forgot!!  My daughter Sierra now has her own blog:  


  1. I have been wondering about you as well! Glad to see that life has just been happening for you and nothing drastic. Your grandbaby is adorable. Happy Birthday to Emily. I am one of the ones, who is eagerly waiting her coffee recipes! YUM! :) I have never been to Starbucks so that will be a treat. Have a great day!



  2. What gorgeous pictures!

    I'm sure you'll get adjusted to your husband's new schedule soon. It always just takes some time. :o)

    I really enjoyed your newsletter this month too.


  3. Wonderful pics!! the scenery is gorgeous. Emily is a special blessing for sure!


  4. Yummy Coffee. I think that would be a good article in the newsletter. And Caden is just Delicious!! lol He is getting big. I miss that age.

    Tina Kay

  5. Just a quick note to tell you I really enjoyed your newsletter! Thanks!

  6. Happy Birthday, Emily!!!



  7. I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday.


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