Monday on the Homestead


Our big plans for this holiday??  Painting!!    And delivering goats.  Tobin and I started the day by taking 2 of our goats to a friend’s house.  I sold her two does and she did not have a way to pick them up.  When Tobin came home from work, we loaded them up and away we went.  I have now sold 6 goats and have 3 or 4 left to sell.  Then I will be down to 5… Yea!! 


We got home, I fed Tobin..  he took a nap and now is painting the upstairs stairs..  normally he said he would do it after the walls were done..  but with so much less traffic at home he decided to take advantage of this. 


Emily and Leanne are still house sitting and my boys went to a friends house to spend the night so that just left Sierra at home.  She packed up her things and brought them downstairs so that she would not have to go back to her room .. and Tobin started painting. 


While he was doing that, I made potato salad and Sierra made cookies.  Then when the cookies were done I put the chicken in the oven.  I have some salad leftover from last night so that will be dinner which we will be eating shortly..


My house seems so quiet with only one child!  I am not complaining however!  I like the break. 


Hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day..


  1. I am catching up on your blog. I am glad to be here. I enjoyed the pics of you and Tobin on vacation. You look great, lady! I have to say split pea soup never appealed to me but after seeing the pic of yours, I think I'll back a bag of peas and try it! I was thinking of the green pea-ish, mooshy soup.

    Anyway, I enjoy your blog and your pictures. All that to're a blessing to me!


  2. Congrats on the goat sales, that must be satisfying!!!

    And it is surprising the big difference a coat of paint can make. I painted our living room and stairs walls this Spring, and I was shocked at the difference!! In a good way!



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