Checking In…


The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous!!  Lots of sunshine and the temps are warming up; just some lovely spring/summer days.  That has been quite inspiring lately.  Today however, is scheduled to rain..  at least the garden can appreciate this rain! 


The week is going well and we are slowly adjusting to Tobin’s new schedule.  He is loving the extra day off that the night shift provides (it is 4 – 10hr. shifts), and is getting so much done around the homestead. 


On Tuesday Tobin rototilled the garden again and we started planting.  We (the kids and I) planted tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and flowers.  Sierra and Isaac really wanted to plant flowers.  Leanne helped them weed an area by our green house and turn over the dirt, fertilize it and then they planted some seeds.  Soon we will be enjoying naturisms, wild flowers, carnations and sunflowers. 


I was hoping to get back to the garden yesterday..  but I had to go into our nearby little town twice; once to take the girls to their cleaning job and another time to take a meal to a new mom from our church.  By the time I got back home it was time to get some laundry going and do some housework.  The kids had finished school (except for Leanne who is doubling up on her math lessons to be able to finish soon) so each of them got a job to do.  Isaac vacuumed out one of our cars.  He did a great job!  Jacob cleaned up the freezer room and Emily cleaned out all the videos we had.  A huge amount went in the trash and a couple of bags were set aside to give away. Who could have known I could collect so many in the last 20 years!  I cleaned out the fridge.. I had way to many unidentified things in my fridge!  LOL..   now it is much better! 


On Thursday Emily took her GED tests for Science and Social Studies.  She passed quite well!   Now we have only one more test to take in another 2 weeks..  then we will be done!


Today I have soap making on my agenda. I am completely out of Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, which is one of my big sellers so I need to get focused on this today.


In other news..  We are all really looking forward to my son coming home for a visit.  He will be here next month for a couple of weeks.  Then he goes back to Ft. Bragg and will be heading off to Iraq in July (now they are saying he may not go until October, and then the deployment will be 15 months instead of 12 ). 


My brother in law is getting married next month also.  We are pretty excited for him and his new bride to be.  She is a wonderful lady and we are happy to add her to our family.  My sister in law may be here too with one of her daughters… and all the kids (and me and Tobin!!)  are very excited to be able to see Auntie Deb again, it has been awhile. I just gotta love family and the opportunity to be able to spend time with them; it is one of those precious blessings in our life.


With all this activity going on I will continue to be scarce around here but will try and get on to update when possible.  I still have some recipes to share soon!! 


I hope you all have a great weekend!! 



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