Wednesday on the Homestead

Wednesday is here and I have not posted on this blog since last Friday!  Well life has been busy..


Right now four of my children are doing the state required end of the year testing for our homeschooling.  Emily, Leanne, Jacob and Sierra will go today for the 2nd and last day of testing. 


Then I can almost say the year is over..   Sierra has a few math lessons to finish up and Emily and Leanne do too.  Leanne may be doing it longer however, in less than one year she will have made it through TWO Saxon math books!  I am very proud of her. She has done/is doing a lot of hard work to meet this goal she set out in front of herself last year.


So as the days here are getting warmer and the hints of summer are getting brighter.. the school year is almost over and we can enjoy our summer time break.


Besides testing today I have laundry to make sure is moved through the system and floors to sweep and mop and vacuum, the bathroom to pick up, and clutter to manage and toss…  sounds like the usual.


Oh yes.. I have laundry soap to make too… 


Making Laundry Soap, step-by-step in pictures:


I have some new recipes to post soon, just need the available computer time to do it: 


~Our ice cream turned out pretty good, so I will post my recipe


~Emily has made this yummy onion soup for us several times now and we love it!!!  It is based on a recipe based on one she found in a cookbook.. of course she tweaked and made a few changes in it..  she can’t help messing around with recipes either!    


~A new pizza crust recipe.  I love the one we usually make but this one has been equally good.


~a new whole wheat oatmeal muffin recipe


So stay tuned for all the goodies to come! 


  1. I always look forward to your blogs! And I imagine almost everyone who is making their own laundry soap (including me!) got their recipe from you...along with many other great cleaning recipes! Actually, you are the reason I blog here!! I did a search one time for homemaking or soap recipes, I can't remember which, but it took me right to you! That's when I poured over your stuff and then got to know hsb. I've been using your recipes, visiting you, and blogging here every since!

    Love ya!

    Karen ~j~

  2. I'm going to be using your recipes too. I can't wait to start making soap.



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