Chicken Questions Answered…

After posting my pics of our chickens I was asked:


so they are free roaming.... you put them in at night? Do you have much of a preditor problem? 




I'm curious too about whether they get put up at night or stay out all the time.


My answers:


Yes our chickens are free ranging.  They live in a chicken coop.  At night, after they have all gone to bed in the coop we close the door. 


In the morning we open the door and let them out.


Yes we have predators (coyotes, raccoons, etc..), but they usually don’t bother the chickens during the day.  So having them locked up in the coop during the night protects them.


And during the day they have access to lots of grass and bugs and this makes good healthy (high in omega 3) eggs. 


  1. I would love to try this...I need to get up my nerve (maybe after garden season)..... I hope they don't wonder too far off...hmmm

  2. I love reading about your chickens! I so want to have some, but DH hasn't quite agreed yet...sigh. But I am living the dream through your posts and pics!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    God bless, Rossie

  3. We will be bringing home 4 laying hens and a rooster within the next few weeks. It has been about 18 years since I last raised chickens, so I will be reading your blog to help brush up on my skills. Question: if we buy an incubator and hatch out some chicks, will they blend well with the older hens, or do they need to be seperated?


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