Wedneday On The Homestead

The first day of summer here in the Pacific Northwest has a promise of being sunny and 76 degrees.  If that comes true, I will be so happy!  It seems like it can take forever for the nice weather to appear.  Yesterday was sunny and about 70..  but that was enough motivation for my kids to go swimming in the pond.  They did not stay in there long because the water is VERY cold.  But they had fun anyway..  I know my kids tolerate that cool (make that cold) water much better than I do!


News from the farm:  My bottle fed baby goats are being weaned and it is a loud process.  They think of any human they see as “mom” and the one who brings those wonderful bottles.  So when they see someone they start making a huge ruckus and they were escaping through the hot wire.  Needless to say they were/are a big pain right now!  But a cute pain!    I did move them to another goat pen just to keep them contained.  They were running through the hot wire (yelling the whole time) and heading strait to the house and then we had goats on the porch….    I know this whole process will be over soon and they will get use to not having a bottle.  But it may take longer than I want as we all feel sorry for them from time to time and will break down and feed them another bottle!!!    


I have been making soap like crazy and this week looks no different.  I figure if I get it all made now I won’t have to be making it through the winter.  In the winter my milk supply is low to none so I have to freeze milk for winter soap making.  This year my idea is just to make all of my soap now.  However in case this plan does not work as well as I wanted, or I sell out of all my soap, I will still freeze goat milk!


My plans for today:  I will be home all day.  I have a friend and her children coming over to visit and have lunch with us, and I hope to get a batch or two of soap done.  I also have laundry to supervise (today Leanne has her laundry day), and dinner to think about.  My menu says: Bean Soup..  I think I will make that Taco Bean Soup and my daughters can make some cornbread and a salad to go with this. 


That sums up my Wednesday on my Homestead!  


  1. homesteadinthemakingJune 21, 2006 at 6:46 AM

    Oh, how glorious 70 degrees would be. We are up close to 100. It is so hot and humid today that I can not even begin to explain it. However, it does make the garden grow like mad.



  2. I love hearing about your farm life. I was looking around your blog site and saw that you will soon offer a CD on soap making. I'd be interested in that! Also, could you message me about the benefits of the soap you make? Maybe explain why it would be better for me than store bought? I'd appreciate it!

  3. Crystal,

    So nice reading about your days on your homestead. Enjoy your nice temperatures. I love reading about your kids swimming in the wonderful.

    Blessings my friend,



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