Saturday on the Homestead

Well I have been on the computer spending my time this morning on my message board and now it is time for me to move on to life away from the computer! 


BUT I will blog first..     Today we head into the big city to go to my brother-in-law’s company picnic.  He could invite family and he invited us!  So we can meet the people he works with and have a nice afternoon at a park.  The kids will enjoy that.  Then we have errands to run and will get home in time to cool off in the pond. 


Before we leave we will hang some laundry out to dry..  I have loved the sunny weather and it is so great to be hanging my clothes out again!  Fresh and sweet smelling laundry from the line is my favorite!!  Gotta love the frugalness of it all too! 


Plus, I had plans to cut the boys hair and it has been done..  so I need to do that before we leave!!   I did get Tobin’s cut and he looks so handsome with his hair all nicely cut!  


Yesterday all the kids and Tobin (he took care of his office and his work shop), and I cleaned the house..  the whole thing from top to bottom.  When the day was over things seemed much more organized and fresh feeling.  We ended our day by swimming in the pond and enjoying a nice taco dinner.


That sums up my day on the homestead! (or rather off the homestead today!)  


  1. Have a wonderful time at the picnic.


  2. Crystal,

    I hope the picnic went well...sounds like fun. Thinking of you all. You all were sweet to be there for Tobin's brother. We finished painting Maddy's looks so nice and fresh. Now, he would like to get a new bed spread...will look for that next week. Thanks for sharing about your day...loved reading it. Love to you and your family.



  3. Love your blog, just found it a few days ago, but I've added you to my blogroll and visit daily :)

    Had to smile at your laundry comment, I love nothing more than the smell of clothes just dry from the line. Pure joy :)

    Hope you had a great day at the picnic.

    God bless,


  4. Crystal,I have been gleaning wisdom from you for a while now and I'm just amazed at how much you get done in a day! We are trying to eat healthier and learning little by little.Hopefully some day I'll be as good at this stuff as you are.God bless,Linn


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