Tuesday on the Homestead


Today is day into town.  We are going to leave fairly early so we can be back before the weather heats up.  Yesterday it was around 100 degrees and today should cool back down to about 90!!   Not sure if I will see a difference or not..  but want to be home in time to cool off in my pond!  


I am still thinking on dinner for tonight because I am trying not to heat the house up to much.  Last night we grilled some ham steaks and I made potato salad and coleslaw.  We sat on the deck and enjoyed our meal…  Maybe this morning I should put something in the crockpot and put it outside on my deck.  However I am not sure the cats would leave it alone and I wont be here to watch it!


I may just end up doing a big chicken and pasta salad and some fresh fruit for dinner.  And make some pudding for dessert as I have extra milk and eggs to use up. 


Well I need to go and get my laundry going so I can get another load on the lines before we leave. 


Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday on your homesteads!!


  1. Hope you have a great day and it isn't too hot. Suppose to get pretty hot here too.


  2. Crystal,

    I hope your day into town went well. Enjoy your pond this afternoon...sure sounds nice.

    Love to you all.


  3. Yucky weather huh? We have no a/c in our little old house. It's not too bad until around dinner time (6-7pm) and then its just as hot in the house as it is outside!

    I've been doing the crokpot on the porch thing for a while now. It's out there right now actually, cooking up some chicken for chicken salad wraps. Anywho...we also have 4 cats and a dog. Not a one of them bug it! They sniffed at it the first couple times, but I think it's too hot for them..because they have no interest anymore.

    You are blessed to have a pond! Our neighbors across the road have an inground pool and called a few hours ago, inviting us over for a swim. I feel weird about it because we don;t know them, but it's better than baking in the oven!

    hope you have a great day!


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