Grocery Haul for Two and Homemade Sugar Cookies

Good morning! I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving yesterday. It was a blessing to me in so many ways.

This weeks haul was not too big. I did end up purchasing more of the hamburger that was on sale for $1.98 a pound. I tried it and it was very good. Last time I had tried the pre packaged pounds it was not good quality. That was at a different store and a different brand and perhaps that is why it wasn't as good.

In any case, the first stop was Winco..

I needed some whipping cream for the fruit salad I was bringing to our Thanksgiving dinner as well as other basic dairy, 5#'s hamburger, I restocked my pantry with beans, cream of mushroom soup, olives, evaporated milk, and canned fruit. The canned fruit was also for the salad. I remembered to buy my teriyaki sauce and picked a few chicken bouillon cubes. I occasionally use them, but sparingly due to my hubby's MSG sensitivities. 

I also picked up some more ingredients for my cocoa mix to add a little festiveness to it :) and 2 bottles of Martinellis sparkling cider to take to our Thanksgiving dinner.

Total for Winco (including gift making ingredients): $77

We almost skipped the trip to Costco except that my hubby could not find any oranges. The ones purchased last week were awful. They were dry and some on the verge of going overripe. 

And we were in luck. Costco had their big boxes of oranges in stock. They have been sweet and delicious. Since we were there and it was getting close to dinner time I picked up a rotisserie chicken. Today I'm taking the bones and bits of leftover chicken and making stock.

Total for Costco was: $17

Grand total for this weeks groceries: $94


Homemade Sugar Cookies

I posted about making these cookies a few years ago (the post below is a repost of our cookie making).  I'll be watching my grandchildren this weekend and thought maybe we'd make them together. It would be a fun afternoon! 

What would Christmas be without sugar cookies... every year we make them.. it is just a tradition. This year my daughter Leanne made the cookies.. even got my son Isaac to join in on the fun...

I used a new recipe... one I found here (and it was very good!):

What are your favorite Christmas cookies.. what are your “must haves” each year?


  1. Could you please show your bulk cocoa mix? I thought I had it and looked thru your recipes but couldn't find it. Thanks

    1. Hi Diana! I'm currently working on the project and coming up with my own recipe for the mixes. I'll be doing a post of it soon (hopefully this week).
      Crystal 😊

    2. In case you didn't see the post Diana, I wanted to share it with you.. Crystal


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