Menu Monday!

Happy Monday Everyone! :) Hope your week is off to a good start.

Today I'll be at home catching up around the house after a busy weekend. Tonight's dinner will be super simple, leftovers. I remember years ago whenever I'd ask my kids what I should make for dinner, my youngest sons answer was always.. Leftovers!! Ha, ha.

I have leftover baked chicken and a few more things to add with it. I like to call these dinners, buffet dinners.

The rest of my week is look like this....

Cuban Pork
This recipe is a crockpot recipe. I've made it a couple times and love the flavors. However I've converted it into an Instant Pot recipe. I'll serve rice, cuban black beans, and asparagus with the pork.

Soup & Sandwiches
Split pea soup, cuban pork sandwiches (made w/leftover Cuban Pork), salad

Greek Salad & Oregano Marinated Chicken
Sounds really fancy but it looks like an easy recipe. You can fine the recipe HERE. I'll serve this either rice or pasta.

That should do it for the week. My hubby has to work on Easter so I won't be making an Easter dinner for family. If I decide to make a dinner for us it will most like be ham, scallop potatoes, & asparagus. And if I'm ambitious I'll make some deviled eggs. :)

Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a great menu! We won't be doing a big Easter meal either. My hubby only has Friday and Sunday off, so he will be putting up the walls and roof to our house addition. We will have a nice Easter breakfast at church, then work hard after church! :) We cook every Sunday morning for a free community breakfast that our church has.


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