Friday in the Kitchen

Friday in the Kitchen is about sharing some of the food I've been cooking in my kitchen recently.

Black Beans
I love beans. I know some people just don't like them and some do. I've cooked a lot of beans over the years. It was how I kept my grocery budget for 10 people on one income way down. They are an amazing food source. They are a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. I've often, that maybe, just maybe, people have not had them cooked right, or had good bean recipes. Or maybe they just have a bad reputation that is hard for some to get over. But, regardless I love them! :) I've been cooking a lot of black beans lately. And working on ways to use them. Here are a couple ways I've used them recently..

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Patties
These were sooo good!! I served them as a side dish to our meal. They were tasty and filling. My family enjoyed them very much.

2 cups cooked black beans (or 1 can, rinsed), mashed
1 medium size sweet potato, cooked, mashed
1 egg
2 to 4 T flour
1t chili powder
1t salt
1t cumin
1t garlic powder
½ t pepper

Combine all ingredients until it is holding together and somewhat sticky. If you need to add more flour to get this consistency, that is fine.

Heat a frying pan on medium heat. Put some coconut oil in and let it melt. Scoop ¼ cup bean mixture and put it in the frying pan. Use the measuring cup to push the mix flat and make it a patty. Cook on each side for 4 to 5 minutes.

You can eat them as is or top with some salsa or ranch dressing or whatever your favorite topping would be.

Black Bean Chili

After making a big pot of black beans in my Instant Pot and making the patties I still had beans leftover. I had about 1 quart jar full of cooked beans and liquid. I made a batch of meatless black bean and sweet potato chili. I am in love with the combination of the flavors of black beans and sweet potatoes. This was a pretty simple recipe to put together. It could be served as a lunch, it could be a main dish, you could add hamburger or sausage if you wanted to. It is versatile.

4 cups cooked black beans and some of the bean liquid (or 2 cans black beans, do not drain)
1 sweet potato, cooked, cut up
1 small onion, chopped
½ cup sliced celery
1t chili powder
1t cumin
½ t salt
½ t red pepper flakes
salt to taste

Sautee onion and celery in a little cocount oil. In a stock pot add beans and sweet potato. Add sauteed veggies. Add spices. Simmer for a few minutes to blend flavors. It if is too thick, add water, taste and add salt if needed.

Serve and enjoy!

Other ideas for using beans...

Mashed up and added to hamburger to make meatloaf. This will stretch your meat, add fiber and other vitamins and minerals and be very frugal! Your family may not even know.. :)

Add beans (mashed or not, your choice) to spaghetti sauce, tacos, lasagna

I have a LOT tried and true bean recipes if you'd like more ideas..

If you'd like to see my tips on cooking beans you can find them here... 

Cooking Beets in the Instant Pot

As I work to put more veggies in our diet I saw beets in the store last week. I purchased a few and wanted to try cooking them in the IP. It was easy and they were sweet and good.

I washed my beets and put them in the IP with about 1 cup of water. Put the lid on, set it on “manual” and set the time for 20 minutes.

When they were done I peeled them. It was so easy to peel them after they were cooked..

I cut them in half and sliced them..

I served them as a side dish with a little butter and salt.. oh yummy..

I also used some of them to top our salads.

All in all, they were delish and I'll be buying them again..

That is all for this week!!


  1. Hi Crystal, I love all your IP posts and YouTube videos! I have an IP (same brand as you) but I'm still hesitant to use it without a tutorial. How do you cook your dried black beans in the IP? Thanks for all the help!


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