Menu Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Looks like we might just have a few nice days out this week and I want to get outside and help my hubby with some property clean up. We are still dealing with a lot of mess (from downed trees and limbs from our winter storms). Having my menu planned out is a big help when I have other projects to work on.

Tonight I'm cooking up some Aidells Sausages (these are organic chicken sausages I purchase from Costco) with onions, potatoes (in the IP), and a salad. Should be a pretty simple meal.

The rest of the week is looking like this..

I'll serve it with broccoli & carrots and cheesy french bread (I shared how I make that in my last post).

BBQ Chicken Legs
I'll bake the chicken legs in the oven with bbq sauce on them. I'll serve kale, sweet potatoes and baked beans with this.

Bacon Veggie Sandwiches
I shared this recipe a few weeks ago. I cook up bacon and then sautee up some veggies (any favorites). I like to use mushrooms, onions, peppers, celery, etc. I use sub sandwich bread, lay a few strips of bacon on it, top with some of the veggies and then a slice of cheese. Put it under the broiler until the cheese melts. Super yummy. :) I'll serve this with potato salad and some fresh fruit (not sure what fruit yet, I'll see what's on sale when I go shopping).

That should do it for the week!




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