Wednesday Snap Shot

Wednesday Snap Shot is a quick peek into my week.

If you'd like to join in on my Wednesday Snap Shot.. copy and paste my post, add your answers (you can also copy the pic).. link your post to my blog and then come back and let me know you shared your week. I'll come and visit you and read about your homemaking week!! :)

So Far This Week
I spent an enjoyable weekend at home. Got a few things done around here but mostly visited with my kids. My son came up for a visit as well and that is always great. Love to get caught up on his busy life.

Hubby and I went and got hay for the goats for the winter. Feels good to have that taken care of. I was almost out of last years hay. The two things that must happen on our little homestead before winter sets in... firewood and hay! :) Firewood has been in for a while now so we are ready for winter.

Still waiting for baby boy grandson to make his arrival. Due date has passed but we tend to be a family that runs late so we are all practicing our skills in being patient, especially my daughter..

On My To-Do List
Today is my oldest son's birthday so hubby and I will heading over to see him this afternoon/evening and wish him a happy birthday. He is 34 today. It kind of shocks me to know I'm old enough to have a 34 year old son!! Ha, ha!! :) He is an incredible man and we are so proud of him.

I won't get a whole lot more done today and that is fine! :)

Projects I'm Working On
A friend of mine sent me an apron pattern. I'm thinking of pulling out the sewing machine and making one. Looks like a super easy pattern to make and I'm in need of a new apron. Could be promising Christmas gifts depending on how it goes (and how my time goes over the next month or so).

Today's Weather

High of 52 for today with heavy showers later on.  I'll enjoy the little bit of sun for now! 

The View from my Deck (or window)
The sun is trying to peek through a bit!!  :)

What I'm Reading
I'm now in the book of Numbers. It is an interesting book with a lot to learn about God. And a lot to learn about human nature. I love the fact that the book shows in a very real way that God is always with us. He was with the Israelites day and night, a pillar of cloud by day, a pillar of fire by night. Yet the people doubted and complained. How often can we be like that was one of my thoughts. It also showed how God was to be worshiped and that He is a holy God. So much to learn from these first 5 books of the Bible!

I'm about halfway through The Count of Monte Cristo. I don't think I realized what a big book this is!! I'm reading it on my Kindle so I did not have a visual of the size. I looked it up, the paperback version has over 1000 pages. I'm enjoying it so much! There is a reason classic books are considered classics, amazing story telling and writing.

What I'm Listening To

The dishwasher and my ticking clock...  quiet morning..  my favorite..

Something Frugal I've Done This Week
I took my liquid hand soap that I made last week and took it one step farther. I used some of it to make foaming hand soap. It only takes a couple tablespoons of the liquid soap to make the foaming soap. What a way to stretch out my homemade soaps. I'm very happy with it.

Fitness for the Week
I did good this week, got my steps in 5 days this week. Had a couple days well over 10,000 steps. I can feel the difference in my day when I exercise. Walking is amazing!!!


  1. Hi Crystal.....I truly enjoy receiving your blog in my email.....and have for years��. You have a beautiful view from your window for all seasons.
    It's always nice to have visits with our children, regardless of age. I am blessed that our own five live less than two hours away. We have 14 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren and so we have a good-sized crowd on special occasions. (Unfortunately, it's seldom possible to have everyone gather all at the same time.)
    I have a Fitbit on order and I am encouraged to try and follow along with you, as I don't know of anyone else who has one....AND I am so very out-of-shape, so, looking forward to receiving it in the mail soon.
    I am using an app on my ipad to read/listen to the Bible and I find it very easy to follow along with it.
    Bye for now. Take care and God Bless!!!!

    1. Karen, What a big family!! And yes.. those visits when they all are together can be quite the household!! I wish mine all lived that close. Some do.. but some.. much farther away! I'm excited for you on your new FitBit!! When I started, almost 2 years ago, I was very out of shape as well. The changes have been amazing. Just keep at it. Set goals you can achieve when you are starting out. It does not have to be 10,000 steps.. do what you can do and work your way up! I'll keep posting my fitness journey on these Wednesday Snap Shots. I just LOVE listening to the Bible!! It has been wonderful.. more time to just think and contemplate the Scriptures as they are being read.. Thank you for your comment!! Crystal :)

  2. I am so enjoying your snapshots! Very encouraging!

    1. Thank you Angela!! I'm happy to hear you are encouraged.. it is a simple life I have.. but I love it and hope by sharing, it will encourage other homemaking ladies.. Crystal :)

  3. i had noooooo idea about that nifty hand soap-to-foaming soap conversion trick - thank you! --suz in ohio

    1. Tomorrow's blog post is a how to for making both the liquid and foaming soaps... 🙂


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