Menu Monday!

I ended up not making the turkey breast that I had planned on last week and instead made some bbq pork over the weekend. So tonight is the turkey breast and a few side dishes to go along with it. I also found cranberries are in the store when I went shopping and will make a batch of cranberry sauce as well.

The rest of my week is looking like this...

Not sure yet if they will be hamburger or chicken. But will be served with the typical trimmings.

Round Steak Subs
I have a smallish size package of round steak in my freezer. I'm planning on cooking it in my Instant Pot with some seasonings and then cutting/shredding it up. I'll serve this on sub sandwich rolls with sauteed onions & peppers. I'll also make a pot of tomato soup and a salad to go with this.

Lemon Butter Chicken
I made this a while back and it was very good. It is in Instant Pot recipe. You can find the recipe HERE. I'll serve this with rice and a veggie of some sort.. maybe broccoli or sautéed kale.

That should do it for the week!! How is your menu planning coming along?



  1. Lately, I have been seeing turkey pieces like a package of just two thighs or two legs, or two breast meat all fresh cut and cheap. I have picked up a few packages of thighs and legs to use in the Instant Pot. I'm not a huge lover of turkey although we do have it for Thanksgiving. We have been making these in the IP and have really loved them. They are tender and moist and I call this our "mini-Thanksgiving" meals. Since we are only two people most of the time I love small portions I can make. I made some mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes to go with them as well as some pan gravy and this feeds us for two meals. I saw the turkey breast meat in the freezer but the cost of something like $10.99 so I had to pass on that. I can get the turkey pieces much cheaper and we prefer dark meat anyway.

    1. That sounds so good!! I love the dark meat but have not had as much luck finding the pieces. The breast meat comes out to about $2.75 a pound and will feed us for 2 meals plus enough for my hubby and daughter to take to work. I'm going to keep a look out for turkey pieces, maybe there will be more this time of year and I can stock my freezer with some. It's nice to have a mini thanksgiving other times of the year.. :) And I love the way the IP makes meat so moist and tender..


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