Frugal & Easy: Homemade Liquid and Foaming Hand Soap

I love this stuff. So easy to make and what a great way to stretch my homemade soaps. You can make this with homemade soap or store bought soap. Either way it is a great money saver.

You know those slivers of soap that you either smoosh into the new bar of soap or toss because they are just to small to use? Well now you can save them and get extra miles from them.
The measurements for making liquid soap are simple..  1oz of soap to 1 cup of water.  You will have to weigh your soap bits or you can buy a bar of soap and the weight will be on it and add the water accordingly. 

I started by making liquid hand soap. I took the slivers of soap I had and chopped them into bits...

Added water and heated it up on the stove until the soap bits melted.

I had purchased a liquid soap bottle because I did not have any. This one I got at IKEA for $2.99. If you use liquid hand soap you can just save the bottle and reuse it.

I poured my soap into the bottle... and that was it! All done. I poured what did not fit into my bottle into a canning jar.

The soap thickens up a bit over the next day or so...

Then it was time to try the foaming soap. I bought a small bottle of foaming hand soap at the store so I could have the bottle. It was a cheaper way to go. I looked on Amazon to see if I could buy and empty bottle but the cost was more than buying one at the store, so that worked for me and I did not have to wait for the bottle to be delivered. If you use foaming hand soap you can just save your bottle and reuse it.

I filled the bottle almost to the top with water.

Then I added a couple tablespoons of my liquid soap to it. The measurements are not that specific. My bottle was a 10oz bottle and these measurements worked just fine.

Make sure to add the water and then the soap otherwise you will have a soapy sudsy mess. :) Stir it up.. I used a chopstick to gently stir it.

And it is ready to go.. perfect foaming hand soap..

I'm excited about this because it stretches out my homemade soap for a very long time. An amazing cost savings. If you buy your soap.. same thing.. it will stretch out your soap, assuring you get every bit of benefit from your soap.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


  1. My husband got a couple of those foaming soap bottles from Amazon. We use liquid hand soap that we buy in those huge refill bottles. Very economical and it makes the bottle last forever -- well a couple of years anyway.

    1. That is great Kathy!! It is such a big money saver.. I'm thinking of buying a few bottles and use them as gifts w/a recipe for making it.


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