Menu Monday!!

Well here it is folks.. I have NO idea what we are eating this week!! Ha, ha!! :D .. Seriously.

We got home last night from a week in California and I have a beautiful new grandbaby boy and we are so in love!!!

I can not wait to post all about our trip and her birth. It was an experience and it was amazing to watch God's plan. I told my daughter.. This is your birth story, and God is in control. We live in a society that wants to take control of situations like this. We don't like this open ended, we don't know where this ends, or how this goes, type situations. We want to see the end, be comforted in the future.

The Bible says.. there is a time to be born. Not often today, if you go beyond the doctors and hospitals dates, you are able to experience this.

But this is just a preview of the story I'll share later this week. So stay tuned.

In the meantime today I'm going grocery shopping to see what kind of deals I can find and what I can pull together for the week.

So stay tuned...