Wednesday Snap Shot

Wednesday Snap Shot is a quick peek into my week.

So Far This Week
It's been a bit of an eventful week. My daughter had a bag stolen from her that had her keys in it. So it was a rescue trip to take her the spare set of keys and we are in the process of rekeying locks. It happened in the city and the city can teach you some unpleasant lessons, that is for sure. Thankfully she had her phone with her when it happened so she could call home for help.

Spent a morning with my daughter and daughter in law.. lots of grandbabies, coffee, hot apple cider, doughnuts..  and good times..  Love my family!

I've made some more steps on my fall cleaning. The kitchen windows are washed. I washed, ironed and got the curtains back up. The floor is scrubbed clean. It was needing a good scrub (hands and knees type of scrub). And I finally got the refrigerator cleaned out.  The kitchen is feeling very fresh right now. :) 

I think I'll move on to the bathroom now.  It could use a good cleaning.

On My To-Do List
Laundry mostly. I took the summer bedspread off the bed and it needs to be washed. Towels and sheets are on the list with our regular weekday laundry as well.

~Vacuum living room
~Deal with clutter piles

Projects I'm Working On
Fall Cleaning, as I mentioned :) 

Soap making.. I've made a few batches and have a few more to finish up. I like giving homemade soap for Christmas gifts but I still need to have enough for our own personal use as well. We have not purchased soap in years and I love my own soap to much to let us run out!

Today's Weather
Mostly cloudy, high of 61 and rain will be back this evening..

The View from my Deck (or window)
A gray morning, but at least it is not raining right now!  And the fall colors are pretty...

What I'm Reading
The Bible, which I'm still listening to it on YouTube. I'm now in the book of Leviticus

What I'm Listening To
The sound of the fire crackling in the wood furnace, the coffee pot brewing and my daughter puttering around upstairs (it is her day off)

Something Frugal I've Done This Week
Cleaned my house with Basic H2!

I realized it is almost time for me to order more Basic H2 from Shaklee. I just looked up the price and one bottle of their cleaner costs about $12. Trust me this is a huge frugal good deal. You only use a few drops of it in a spray bottle and fill with water. This bottle will last me a year or more (I think my current bottle is going on about a year and half). I love that I can use it in the kitchen and bathroom and know that it is safe and I won't be leaving behind chemicals on my counters. If you are like me and you like your cleaners to have a little scent to them you can do what I do.. add a drop or two of essential oil to the spray bottle when you fill it up with water. I love lemon or orange.

My friend sells it (this is not an affiliate link, just a link for you to find it if you are interested)  

Fitness for the Week
With all the rain I've done more walking inside than out. I use Leslie Sansone dvd's or her YouTube channel. But I will say this has not been one of my best weeks for steps. I've done a lot of things this week, but they don't necessarily add up to a lot of steps! So I'm jumping back on track!!

Let me know how your week is going!! 



  1. Hi Crystal. I really love the Snap shot post that you have been writing. I live in Virginia and it is really neat to see the weather and happenings across the country. Blessings!


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