Wednesday Snap Shot

Wednesday Snap Shot is a quick peek into my week. I thought it would be fun to do this weekly, providing my life cooperates. :)

So Far This Week
After a busy weekend communicating with my kids, which I love....  On Monday hubby and I headed over to our daughter Hannah's house. It was her birthday. I gave her a FitBit for her birthday gift. I knew she had wanted one. It will be fun to see if she gets as hooked by hers as I am about mine.

I'm a little slow going on the fall cleaning. I've made some baby steps....  my laundry room/pantry/mud room is all cleaned and reorganized!!

Today's Weather
Wet & Gray..  the expected high is going to be 61 and rain 

On My To-Do List
Clean my fridge. Another fall project. It needs to be done and I'm thinking I've procrastinated on this project for more time then it will actually take me to do.. ha, ha..

~vacuum carpets
~sweep & mop floors
~vacuum & mop both upstairs stairs and basement stairs
But I'll see how far I get, this mornings plans include a visit to see my grandbabies..  :)

Projects I'm Working On
Planning Christmas. I'm working on a simple notebook to keep track of basic things. With 8 children who have spouses and girlfriends/boyfriends and a lot of grandchildren I find I get a bit mixed up on things like gifts. I buy something with someone in mind and then forget who I bought it for. Or I buy someone a second gift because I forget that I had already bought them something earlier on. Or.. I buy a gift, hide it and forget where I put it! Ha! So.. I'm putting together a notebook for gifts, addresses of friends and family, and a place to jot down meal plans for holiday dinners and any baking I want to do.

The View Out My Window

What I'm Reading
The Bible. I was thinking that next year I wanted to do a “read through the Bible in a year” thingy. I've done it many times, not each year. But I'm always blessed by doing it and learn many things. Imagine my surprise when I found a YouTube channel that has all 66 books of the Bible being read. So, I've already started. I've made my way (listening) through Genesis and Exodus so far. I love it! I bring my Kindle into the kitchen with me while I prepare meals and listen or listen to it while folding laundry or doing simple household tasks.

The Count of Monte Cristo.. I admit I love classic books. This is one I've not read and am slowly making my way through it. So far, I'm enjoying it.

What I'm Listening To
Currently, the sounds of silence. :) My hubby is doing some repair work on our barn right now and my two youngest kids are both at work. I' taking the quiet time to sit and write this.

Something Frugal I've Done This Week
I like things that are frugal. I'm not sure every week I make an concerted effort to do things that are frugal. Some things are just part of our life style. As an example.. my husband has run copper pipe through our wood furnace that feeds the hot water tank. Now that the weather has cooled down and we are making fires every day... not only does it heat our home but it also heats our hot water. We see a major drop in our power bills every winter because of this.

The other frugal thing we have done this week is to pick apples from our own tree. My hubby likes taking an apple to work each night. Right now we have a big box of them in our fridge and I don't need to buy them from the store

How is your week going?



  1. Great idea! For frugality, I am using up my food on hand this week in order to buy some winter clothes for my children. I was able to find many items on sale for them and ended up saving about 60%! I've used a little money each week to stock my pantry with shelf stable items by combining sales and coupons. I've been walking, and plan to start reading tonight. Also getting CDs from the library. I enjoy frugality too!

    1. Very nice!! I try and keep my pantry stocked as well.. it can come in very handy! And yay for you on the walking!!

  2. I loved reading this snapshot of your day and loved some of your ideas! I'm definitely going to check out the Bible on Youtube. What a wonderful thing to listen to as I putter about the kitchen. I, too, am thinking about the holidays. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year so am planning that out. I would like to knit a few dishcloths in the weeks leading up to Christmas to give along with tea towels I embroidered. I do have the gifts for my granddaughter purchased and a good start on my grandson. Thanks for the peek into your day!


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