Laundry Revisited

A few blog posts back I mentioned laundry. I asked if laundry was a job you liked, disliked, or loved. I've never been a big fan of laundry. Maybe because over the years raising 8 children we had a LOT of laundry. It was a daily constant chore. As someone who had many children said long ago, if the washer and dryer are not running, we are in trouble. :) And that was so true.

When the children were at home it was all about the system of laundry. Everyone old enough did their own laundry. Each child had their own laundry basket, each child had their own color of towel and washcloth (which they hung on a hook after use and washed with their laundry). And each child did their own laundry once a week. There was still general/family laundry to do such as kitchen towels, cleaning rags and such and my and hubby's laundry. So to me laundry was a home management task, not something I took time to enjoy.

Of course nowadays that hecticness is behind me and life is not the pace it once was for me. So laundry had me thinking.

Sometimes the chores in life are more about our attitude then they are about the job itself. When I asked about views on doing laundry, I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the replies. Some loved laundry. I was actually encouraged to read this and that is when I had to stop and remember, it can all be about attitude.

Since posting about this, I've done some rethinking on laundry. I realize how thankful I am to be able to do this task for my hubby and for my home. One thing I think about with all household tasks is, time. If you were to time how long it takes to do certain chores you realize that it really does not take that long. Such is the case with laundry. It's a pretty easy process so why not stop and appreciate the smell of clean clothes, stacks of neatly folded clothing, dresser drawers restocked and ready to go for another week, and blessings of keeping a home.

One lady responded by saying she would listen to music or an audio book while doing laundry. I loved that idea. I also thought, what a great time to also listen to a Bible study or a pod cast.

Life to me is often about living and enjoying the process, focusing on the positive and the blessings. Even the blessing of laundry.


  1. My husband and I share laundry duties. Whoever gets there first, does it. And he LOVES doing laundry. Don't ask me why because I have no idea. Me, it's just something to do. But like you said, it really doesn't take that long so I guess I should like it more. I sure love the smell of things when they come in off of the line in the back yard.

    1. I miss my clothesline!! That was the best smell in the world!! And I LOVED hanging clothes on the line..

  2. Kelly ( serenity cottage )October 5, 2016 at 6:58 PM

    I love your posts so much! I have learned so much over the years!!

    1. Thank you Kelly.. that is really sweet.. I appreciate it.. <3

  3. As far as household cleaning tasks go, I rather like laundry better than most. I like how the laundry smells coming out of the dryer or off the line. I don't mind catching up with some Netflix while I fold laundry. All and all it sure beats cleaning bath tubs and mopping floors in my opinion.

  4. Aww.. yes!! It's all in perspective sometimes.. I agree!! :)


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