After 14 Years!! Love & Friendship

We meet many people in our life. Some just pass through, some become friends and then we lose touch as life moves forward and some become true friends. Those women that are like sisters to us. The ones that we share our ups and downs and share our hearts with. The ones that love us, hold us close to their hearts as you hold them close to yours. Usually in life we don't have a lot of those trusted friends and the ones we do have hold a special place in our heart and lives.

Fourteen years ago I was in a Yahoo Group (remember those? :) for moms and I met Laurie. She was expecting her 4th baby. We immediately started a friendship. She was a stay at home mama, a homeschooler, homebirther, she loved all things homemaking, we both had a love for country life, a love for Jesus, and the list went on and on. The one thing that caught our attention right away was our husband's names. Her husband's name is Toby, my husband's name is Tobin. Very similar and not common.

As the years went on I started my website and message board. She joined and our friendship just grew. Then we joined FaceBook and the friendship continued.

We always talked about one day meeting each other in person. How amazing would that be. When we met we could not have lived farther apart. I live in Washington State and she was living, at the time, in Florida. And with raising children, homeschooling, and very busy lives a visit or a meet up seemed like only a dream for the both of us.

Until last week. We talked about it more seriously last year and set a time that would work for both of us this year. And we were finally able to make our dream of hugging each other in person and spending a few days together a reality.

She arrived on Wednesday and returned home on Saturday.. way to short for the both of us! People can wonder if the person you know on line is the same as the one you will meet in person. And she was all of that and more. We talked non stop. I know for a fact that if she had stayed another week we would never have run out of things to talk about. Fourteen years of life to fill in the details to share more in depth about so many things.

I took her to see a few sights, the beautiful scenery here, her first trip to IKEA, and more I wanted to do if the time had allowed us.

I'm already plotting in my head how we can make our next visit happen!! We both are thankful that God allowed this time together for us.

Laurie is also a fellow Blogger and has a wonderful blog..  I hope you take a few minutes to check it out and enjoy it


  1. I am so happy that you were able to have this visit! Next time, I'm driving up!


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