Laundry Hacks

Sometimes, even though you've been doing the same thing for years and years you come across a different, perhaps better way of doing it. That is a hack, “a not so common solution to something”. And more specifically I've stumbled across a method of folding laundry that I really like and is different then the way I have been doing it.

Maybe I'm just slow to come around to things like this. After posting this, I'll probably hear from ladies that have been doing it like this or similarly for years.. ha, ha.. :) But I just had to share as lately I've been on a laundry theme.

I was reading through a recent Reader's Digest and came across this article: I was not really thinking I would try it, but did find it interesting. After cleaning out my summer clothes and reorganizing my drawers I decided to give it a try.

All I can say is.. wow! I really like this. It makes the drawers look neat and orderly and the clothes easy to find.

Basically she shows you how to fold your clothing into squares. Then, instead of stacking the clothes on top of each other you lay them horizontal from front to back in the drawer.

I found this method is keeping my dresser drawers much more organized and makes it easier to find what I am looking for.

Now I'm going to tackle my hubby's things and see what he thinks! :) I'm pretty sure he'll be fine with it as he is just happy to have what he needs ready to go when he needs it.



  1. I read her book, my only problem is I hate to fold clothes, to many years in retail,lol but I should give it a try, right now it's stuff, smash and try to close it...

    1. LOL.. yes.. this has been my style.. shove and stuff... :D .. but.. this is changing me.. I'm very happy with the results..


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