Menu Monday!


This last week was another busy week with no time to blog. This coming week is looking busy as well. My daughter Leanne is coming home from S. Korea for a visit. It will be a short visit but we are all excited as she has not been home in a year. I'm planning a few meals that are her favorites. On Friday my daughter Emily & her hubby will be coming up from California to see Leanne and the family. We have a big family bbq planned over the weekend. So lots for me to do before the family starts rolling on in.

Today is grocery shopping day. I need to get stocked up on a few things. So tonight's dinner will be a hamburger, rice, salsa, cheese casserole. It is one of my hubby's favorites. The only twist to it will be that I plan to try it out in the Instant Pot. I also plan on making a double batch for Tuesday's dinner too. I'll serve green beans (from my garden :), chips and salsa along side it.

The rest of the week is looking like this..

Pulled Pork Sandwiches
This will be another IP meal that we will have the day my daughter gets here. I serve it on hamburger buns with coleslaw and add chips on the side.

For the night my daughter Emily & hubby arrive I'm tentatively planning pizza. However she often likes to cook us some yummy Asian food when she comes for a visit. We will see how she is feeling and if she is up to it. If not, then pizza it is!

Burgers & Brats
Family bbq night will be burgers and brats along with all the typical bbq sides. I'm planning on adding potato salad, summer fruits, chips & dip and whatever else may suit my fancy.

Tacos are on standby if we need some more food for the week. Otherwise it will go on next week's menu.

I think that should do it! How's your menu planning coming along?



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