Instant Pot Cheesecake

I made this cheesecake a couple weeks ago. But it's been a busy couple weeks with so much going on that it is just now I have a few moments to sit and share this with you.

This was so good and so easy to make. I was shocked to see how simple a cheesecake can be. There is one thing you need to know. You will need a 7” springform pan for this. I have 2 cheesecake pans, a 10” and an 8”.. just figures. The 8” will not fit in the Instant Pot. So I found one on Amazon and ordered it. Worked perfect.

This cheesecake is an Oreo Cookie cheesecake.. I currently am planning on making a salted caramel one.. as soon as the busyness settles down.

The recipe can be found here:

I gathered together all my ingredients...

Ran the cookies through my food processor to grind them up for the crust and prepared the pan. You need to put foil on the bottom and spray the pan with non stick spray. I've been using a coconut oil spray for a while and really like it. No silicone in the ingredients! :)

Pressed the cookies into the pan and put it in the freezer while I mixed up the cheesecake ingredients...

Poured it into the pan...

I put the trivet into the bottom of the IP … and then made a “sling” with tinfoil to lower the pan into the Instant Pot.

Pressure cook for 40 minutes...

Pull it out and let it cool...

Refrigerate for a few hours to get cold and firm up and enjoy a delicious dessert!!

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  1. Keep the Instant Pot recipes coming, Crystal! I bought one because of your posts, and love it! But I'm still experimenting, so your recipe posts are very helpful and delicious. Thanks!

  2. Love your IP recipes, too. I bought one on Amazon on Prime day and hope to use it this week.

  3. Where is the recipe?

  4. Sorry about that! :) The recipe link has been added now..

  5. OHHH boy that looks good! I can't wait to make one for my family. I would never do something like this in the summer because of the heat of the oven, but using this method changes everything. Thanks for testing this out and sharing. Kim in MT

  6. I have seen reference to "keep the instapot recipes coming" but don't see them when I look under your recipes tab. Am I just missing them? I don't see a search bar. Thanks!

    1. If you click on the tag at the end of the post that says Instant Pot you will all my recipes. I have not had time to update my recipes section yet with them.. here is the link to see them:


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