Menu Monday!

Hard to believe we are in the second half of July already! That is what happens when you are busy, time just flies on by. :) This last week was a busy fun week with hubby's birthday and having friends from California visiting us.

This week, if the weather cooperates I need to get in my garden and do some weeding. Thanks to the rain we've had off and on the weeds have started growing like crazy.

This week's menu looks to be pretty basic. I'll be making some orange chicken (from Costco), egg rolls and rice for dinner tonight.

The rest of the week is looking like this...

Cabbage & Sausage
I'll do this in my Instant Pot. I will be using some Jimmy Dean sausage that I have in the fridge and need to use up plus a cabbage from my garden. I plan on adding onion and garlic and cooking it up for 4 to 5 minutes. I'll serve this with some fresh summer fruit and dinner rolls.

Summer Pasta
This is a one pot meal that I've made several times. Toss chicken, veggies and pasta in to a boiling pot of water/chicken broth and cook for a few minutes, drain it, add salt to taste and you are done. Goes great with fruit or a veggie platter and some french bread. I may give this recipe a try in my Instant Pot.

Pretty basic :) You can find my recipe HERE. I'll serve it with french bread and a salad. That should do it for the week!

Happy menu planning!!


  1. Hi Crystal,

    I've got to ask a few more questions about the Instant pot as a canner. Can I use this as a canner? If so, how many quarts or pints can go in at once? I have a large stove top pressure canner but if this is a counter top canner as well as a cooker I still might want to buy one. I don't need to do 8 quarts at a time but probably would like to do a few at a time for my almost new small family.



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