Menu Monday!

It's been a strange summer so far. A few hot days then cool days, finally it started warming up only to currently be much cooler. I like the idea of planning summer meals but have to wonder if a pot of soup or chili would be better instead! I for one am trying to be patient and hope for a warm up soon. :)

Tonight I am making meatball sub sandwiches. I'll add a salad and potato chips on the side. I have a few errands to run today so I'll put my premade meatballs and spaghetti sauce in the crockpot before I leave. It will be ready when I get home for a quick to serve dinner.

The rest of the week looks like this...

BBQ Steak
My hubby's birthday is this week. I have some steaks in the freezer and we will bbq those to celebrate. Some super good garlic bread from Costco and roasted veggies will be served on the side. I'll make him something yummy for dessert. I may make a cheesecake in my Instant Pot (the last one I made was fantastic and I'll be sharing about that soon).

Chicken n Dumplings
I'm going to try this out in my Instant Pot. I'll serve either veggies or some fruit along with it.

BBQ Burgers
With 2 BBQ's planned this week you'd think the weather was better. Maybe it is one way I'm hoping to have a little summer despite the cool days. However we have some company coming and I thought a bbq would be fun. I'll serve some chips & dips, summer fruit salad, and potato salad.

That should do it for the week! How's your menu planning coming along?



  1. A few years ago I copied your recipe for Simple Soup. We are moving and our things will be in storage. My husband accidentally packed my recipe notebook which it was in. I have looked under your soup recipes but I don't see it. Do you still have that recipe? Thanks. Nancy

    1. Nancy.. I can't remember the recipe you might be referring to.. but I do have a link to my "Soup without a Recipe" Is this what you are looking for.. If not, I'll keep looking!!

  2. Thanks for looking but no, that is not the one. In four to six months when the house is built I can get it out of storage! LOL If you happen to run across it I still would like the recipe to use while living in an apartment but don't go to any extra work. I will wing it! Have a great summer. We happen to be having quite a few beastly warm days! Thank the Lord for air conditioning! Nancy

  3. Amazon had the Instant Pot as a deal yesterday. Mine will be delivered Friday. Can't wait to try some of your IP recipes!


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