Ringing in the New Year and Changes on the Homestead

Hubby had to work on New Years Eve.. which was fine.. we never do anything to exciting. But I am excited for the New Year. So many possibilities and so many changes here on my homestead.

My son Jacob moved into an apartment in the city much closer to his work. He was commuting 3 hours a day to and from our home. I'm so happy for him now. He is 10 minutes from work and closer to his girlfriend. So it's a win-win.

A pic of Jake and his girlfriend, Julie...

But now that leaves us with 1 child at home. What a change that is! After years of raising kids and having an extremely busy household the quiet is an adjustment. I see the empty nest more so. My youngest son works full time and is gone all day long. My husband I keep looking at each other and saying.. is this for real? With only 1 child at home I'm already seeing the change in cooking and cleaning, and I like what I see. It makes us feel like we are on vacation in some ways!! ha, ha..

It has us contemplating our direction in life and making different plans. It's not bad, but it is a change. It's been about 33 years since it was just “Tobin &  Crystal”. As this year came to end we talked a lot about our life of raising 8 children and the busy years. We both think it will take us some time to settle into a new 'normal'.

The strangest feeling of all is the empty bedrooms! A couple years ago my sister in law came and stayed with us for a while and when she was here she helped me turn one of the bedrooms into a guest room. That has been such a blessing to have. She is planning on a visit here soon and she and I are going to turn another empty bedroom into a guest room. I'm excited for this project. I'll share about it along the way.


This year will also bring with it a wonderful new blessing. My daughter Hannah and her hubby are having another baby. We are so excited. Our newest little grandbaby will be here mid to late June. She decided to have a homebirth this time around. That made me even more thrilled. Hannah was my first homebirth. Five of my children were born at home. I had the same midwife for all of them. When Hannah went to meet her midwife she told her she was born at home. The midwife asked who delivered Hannah and, small world that it is, she knows her!

It will be exciting to see all that 2016 has in store as we adjust to our changes.


  1. Happy New Year, Crystal! You have lots of changes coming your way this year. How exciting to have a new little grandbaby to love.

    1. Happy New Year to you too Kathy!! Yes, we are so very excited about our new little grandbaby.. :)

  2. Oh wow, Crystal! This post made me a little teary-eared! I have been visiting your page for almost 8 years now! I found your blog right after I'd gotten married and was looking for inspiration to be the best wife and homemaker. I was so young then and now have a family of my own! It's been amazing to see the awesome changes in your household too! Your children have turned into wonderful adults. Happy New Year and may God use you and your home to inspire others to action in 2016! Best to you!

  3. That is so cool about Mary, Hannah will love them, I just know it! Mary knows the midwife that delivered me as well, back in 1982!

    1. That is so amazing! Small world.. Hannah said she really liked Mary! Thank you for the recommendation and support! :) <3


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