Menu Monday!

My newest challenge is learning to cook less food. I'm no longer feeding an army. So this year begins with readjusting my brain to know what is enough for 2 or 3 people for our meals.

Last weeks menu worked well. I had planned some sort of chicken and mushroom dish. I was not sure what I was going to do until the day came. I ended up making my own version of lemon chicken and it turned out so yummy. I'll be sharing that recipe tomorrow.

I made the Asian beef in the crockpot on Sunday and still have enough for us to eat tonight. Today is grocery shopping day and it will be nice to come home and have dinner ready to go.

This week I'm planning 4 meals. I'm not sure if I will use them all, it will depend on how many leftovers there are. It's all part of the adjustment to smaller meals.

Here is what I have planned..

Basic, easy, and one 2lb meatloaf should feed us for a couple days. I'll serve tater tots and a salad to go with it.

Garlic Shrimp Pasta
Seafood is sounding good this week. I'll serve this with some french bread and either a salad or broccoli on the side.

Black Bean Soup
It's cold here and soup to warm us up on a cold windy night sounds perfect. It will be a mix of black beans, sausage, Rotel tomatoes and topped with shredded cheese. Tortillas chips and a salad will be served along side.

Chicken Parmesan
Bake chicken breasts covered in spaghetti sauce and topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Easy and good. Served with pasta, french bread and a salad, it will make a filling and delish meal!



  1. I know you like your slow cooker too and this book has been a great help for me in cooking for two. The Complete Slow Cooking for Two by Linda Larsen. ISBN #: 978-1-942411-19-2. I really enjoy your website.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation!! I'll look into it.. sounds perfect for us right now!!

  2. The menu sounds delicious, I'm very tempted by the black bean soup as we've been having lots of rainy, chilly days over here in the UK. Many thanks for making the recipes so easy to find !

  3. I always look forward to your new recipes! :) Happy New Year Crystal. And I too am learning to cook for fewer each year. Our middle daughter is hardly every home ad the dinner hour anymore. Work and college, she eats on the run out of a lunch box.

    1. Happy New Year to you too Monica!! Thanks for the comments! :) I know what you mean. Our youngest son is still at home.. but works full time and has a busy life.. so I never know if he will be eating dinner with us or not.. so it is a bit of a challenge!

  4. I am also learning to cook for fewer people. It's very challenging. We like left-overs but not for days and days. Thanks for all the great posts. I have been a reader for years and have enjoyed watching your family grow and change and have also been encouraged by your desire to please the Lord.

    1. Hi Carol Sue!! I so agree! I love leftovers.. but as you said.. not for days and days.. I'm hoping I get this down soon.. for me, cooking for an army is easy.. cooking for 2 (and sometimes 3) is much more challenging! Thank you too for being a faithful reader.. :) Hard to believe I've been blogging for so many years now.. but it is my passion..

  5. I feel your pain. Our youngest moved out a few months ago after finishing college and I just haven't adjusted as well as I thought I would. I sometimes freeze my leftovers. I also make other uncooked meals to freeze if I have a large quantity meat thawed. For instance, meatloaf, hamburger patties, but we are having chili for dinner. The joke around our house is me having a freezer full of meals. When I thought I was going to run out of Halloween candy this year my oldest told me to give the children frozen meals with directions. Really enjoy your blog. Have a blessed day!


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