Menu Monday!

Another Monday and another weekly menu! I was trying to figure out what to make this week and decided to shop at home :). I checked my freezer and found I had what I needed right in there.

One of the recipes I made from last weeks menu was Parmesan Chicken. I made it yesterday and we are having the leftovers tonight. It was another super easy, quick meal. And it was also super good! I'll be sharing that recipe tomorrow.

The rest of the week is looking like this...

Orange Chicken
This is frozen orange chicken from Costco. My husband had a craving for orange chicken and saw it at Costco so we bought it! I'll be serving some Costco egg rolls and a salad along with this.

Ham and Navy Bean Soup
After Christmas I put my ham bone and leftover bits of ham and juices in a zip lock bag in the freezer. I'll be using that to make the soup. I plan to serve biscuits and a salad with this.

Hamburger & Cabbage
This is a simple meal. You can find the recipe I use HERE (scroll down past the first recipe). It is a combo of hamburger, onions and cabbage. It is a quick meal that tastes yummy. I'll serve rice and green beans on the side.

I'm sure this should do it for the week for us. I hope your menu planning is going well this week!



  1. Is the orange chicken from Costco anything like your Luscious Lemon Chicken ? That was delicious, I might try an orange version, seeing your menu gave me the idea.

    Many thanks for a great site !

    1. Hi Mrs. Shoestring! No, this is like Asian orange chicken... but an orange version of the lemon chicken recipes sounds like it might be very good! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe!


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