Visit Home!!

Blogging has been scarce this week.. my daughter Leanne came home from S. Korea for the week. She arrived last Saturday and left today (Friday).. it was a long trip for such a short visit, but she does not have long vacations and this would be the last opportunity to come home until sometime next year. So we enjoyed every day of it!

We shopped, cooked, talked, had great family time and made sure she got lots of cheesy food to eat. Cheese is not common in most Asian diets and finding cheese is not easy in S. Korea. So I made sure she had mac & cheese, pizza, spinach dip, and yummy sliced cheese w/crackers and more..  she was happy.

We took this picture early this morning as she was getting ready to head to the airport.

As I write this post she is a little over half way home.

Now back to my regular scheduled programming... :)



  1. So glad you had an opportunity to visit with your daughter!


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