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We've had a busy time lately. Friends, family, planning for events. We had friends of ours from England come and visit us last week. We visited, went to dinner, they spent a night, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast the next morning and they were on their way the next morning. They were on a road trip of the USA. 

A few days later Tobin and I celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary. It was a simple evening. We bbq'd some steak, spent time with the kids and enjoyed some time at our pond. Sierra did a little photo shoot for us....

On the 4th we had lots of friends and family at our place to enjoy some time in the the sun, our pond, and a bbq.. and then some fire side time when the sun went down. This year, due to our extremely dry conditions, we decided not do fireworks. None the less we enjoyed our time....
Curios grandboys looking for newts in our pond..
Friends and family (and me ;) ..
More friends and family..
My kids (Richard, Jacob, Isaac, Sierra) and my niece (Tracy)...

My inlaws came for a quick visit on Sunday and that was so very enjoyable. They have animals that need them so they could not spend the night. We felt very blessed to have them for the short visit as it has been quite a few years since they had been here.

Summer life has been busy so far. We are now eagerly awaiting a visit from Leanne who will be here at the end of the month from S. Korea for a short visit. She is loving her job and life in S. Korea but needs a bit of home however short it may be. Here's a pic of her.. she recently traveled to Hong Kong and Japan..
That is all from the Homestead for now!!! 


  1. congrats on your anniversary! May you have many more years! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary from Atlantic Canada!!!! Crystal, You and your hubby have a beautiful family and a wonderful homestead. I've been following your blog for quite awhile and thoroughly enjoy it. I look forward to each and every one of your posts, as always. Blessings!

  3. Happy anniversary to you! Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!


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