Fruit Infused Water

I shared a blog post quite a while back about infusing water with fresh fruit. I really liked it. Every day I do my best to drink my 64oz of water. But honestly it can be a challenge some days for me. How about you? Do you get your daily water? Is it a challenge sometimes?

One way to add variety is to make fruit infused water. It's pretty simple. Put some fruit in a canning jar or pitcher and fill with water. Let it sit in the fridge and then enjoy. The water will have just a hint of the fruit flavor. The change is enjoyable.

But, as I said, I'd only tried this with fresh fruit. It can be hard to have the extra fruit on hand all the time. So yesterday I tried using frozen fruit. I had a bag of frozen strawberries in the freezer that I wanted to use up. I put 3 frozen strawberries into each quart jar, added water, and put in the fridge.

In the afternoon I poured some over ice.. the water had a lovely light pink hue and pleasant hint of strawberry taste.

Made drinking yesterday's water much easier! I also have a bag of frozen mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries & blackberries) that I plan to try out today.

Being able to use frozen berries makes fruit infused water much more simple to make. It changes up the water for a day and is healthy... no sugar, no extra unneeded calories. Give it a try and see what you think! :)


  1. We had some of this at a wedding reception on the beach in June. It was very refreshing! You can put cucumbers and herbs in it along with the fruits. Quite a variety of things can be used.

  2. I'm looking at this and thinking that peaches would be good. Hmm....

  3. Oh yumm i hate drinking water at the best of times so this is a brilliant idea😀


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