Garden Update

Thanks to a lot of hot weather my garden has exploded!! So have the weeds! Ha, ha.. so ignore them in the pics.. :) my daughter Hannah is coming this week to help me get it under control again.

The tomatoes are growing like crazy and are loaded and still lots of blossoms.. looks like it will be a bumper crop and earlier than normal due to our dry hot summer...

The summer squashes are full of blossoms. I can't wait for them!!

These are the royal burgundy bush beans.. the blossoms are purple and the beans are purple. The beans are just starting to come on.
Love this time of year!!



  1. My beans are just starting to come on heavy. Squash is about done. Tomatoes didn't do very well. We had a cool and wet start. They look really bad. It's been really hot here the last couple of days though...
    Hope you and Hannah get it all done! :)

  2. Your garden looks GREAT! Here in NW Oregon we have cantaloupe on the vine, tomatoes (a couple have ripened already), all kinds of berries (well, at least the ones that survived our heat wave) and lots of plums! Cooler now--so we can enjoy outside a bit more.
    Blessings, Aimee

  3. What a huge garden! I was thinking of you the other day and wondering how you are able to keep up with all you do as you get older. Now I feel lazy! LOL!! Beautiful garden!

  4. Lord but that looks like a massive garden! I'm completely impressed that it's as weed free as it is!


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