Menu Monday!!


This is being posted really late in the day!! I had such a busy and fun week/weekend. I totally forgot about menu planning until I woke up this morning.. then there was a lot of clean up from our busy weekend and just now I'm getting to the menu planning for the rest of the week. I'll share about our busy week/weekend in my next blog post.. for now.. it's time to post the weekly menu! :)

The weather here has been unusually hot. My desire to cook is at an all time low. But, the reality is... the family must eat. So I'm working on meals that are easy to cook and eat for the hot summer days.

Fish sticks, potato salad, melon platter

Tacos with all the trimmings

Chicken salad (I take boneless, skinless chicken thighs or breast, marinate them all day in Italian salad dressing, then grill or fry them up, cut in pieces and top on a big yummy green salad with lots of fresh veggies), French bread or dinner rolls


Pork chops (cooked in the roaster oven, on the deck), potato salad, green salad

Sub sandwiches, chips, fruit platter

Crockpot texas beans (I'll be putting the crockpot on the deck to cook so I don't heat up the kitchen), French bread, salad



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