Updates From the Homestead: Leanne is HOME!!

After a year and 2 weeks my daughter is home from S. Korea. We are so thrilled and she could not be more happy to be home! She arrived home on Saturday evening. We met her at the airport. There were 13 of us there to greet her, mom, dad, siblings, nieces and a brand new nephew, & friends.. waving S. Korean Flags and making a whole lot of hoopla! Lots of hugs, lots of kisses.. we came home and had a welcome home party with lots of food and time to chat and give more hugs..

The next day my family and more friends joined us for our Thanksgiving dinner (18 in all). It was a blessed time for my husband and me. We enjoyed each and every moment with our children and grandchildren. God is good and has greatly blessed us and we are very grateful for it all.

Here are a few pics of our time…

Getting off the plane after a 10 hour flight to San Francisco and then a lay over and finally arriving at Portland International Airport..  she was shocked to see us all.. we were cheering and waving S. Korean flags..  and then all the hugs...
Hugs from mama...
Hugs from friends...
Meeting her newest little nephew...
Thanksgiving Pics.. Her and Marie (my French daughter and Leanne's pen pal for the last 7 years)...
Me and Leanne..
Table decorations done by Sierra...
Thank you for sharing in my joy and excitement.. it's good to have my girl back.. 


  1. How wonderful....such a blessing!

  2. so happy for you honey ;)
    I know how thrilled you were to have Leanne home and Marie there
    What a blessing!

    love ya :)


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